Dangerous zoo animals on the run after floods in Georgia


Severe flooding in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi has led to dozens of animals escaping from the city’s ravaged zoo, sparking a full-scale search.

Residents in nearby areas have been urged to stay indoors as officials try and track down the rogue animals, some of which are highly dangerous.


The animal enclosures were damaged by heavy rain and the subsequent floods which lead to their escape. Among the animals unaccounted for are lions, alligators, monkeys, bears and wolves.


A hippopotamus – an animal which is known to be extremely aggressive – was found roaming a busy town square and tranquilised. Some other animals were not as fortunate, being killed and not being able to survive in an unstable habitat.

Local resident Khariton Gabashvili said that people were especially afraid to go out at night time, “tonight everyone has to be very careful because all the beasts haven’t been captured. They haven’t been fed, and in their hungry state they might attack people.”


Officials have confirmed that twelve people were have died and about two dozen others were missing. There have been no confirmed deaths as a result of the animals.

Watch Below: Drone footage shows aligator on the loose near Tbilisi’s Heroes’ Square

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