BREAKING: NSW Comes To Their Senses And Officially Makes UBER Legal

Uber Sydney
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  1. Ross says:

    the NSW Government makes millions of dollars selling taxi plates over many years plus Stamp Duty on the sale of plates and thinks they can pay compensation of $20,000 guess again, Uber drivers are now going to find out how tough regulations are by paying $9,000 a year to drive a hire care plus higher registration and insurance , lets see how many are still out there in 12 months

  2. Brent says:

    Its not about common sense but the law. For a long time the state gov had strangle the taxi industry with layer after layer of compliance and expenses. Either the gov allows both to.compete using the same regulations or deregulate the taxi industry. As it stands even after all these announcements Uber has an unfair advantage competing for the exact same market. From Greenslip prices to quarterly inspections to cameras to the age of the vehicle to the TPP and CTP policies and the random RMS audits etc. Its still.unfair for cabbiws who were told the only way you can pick up the public is a car that has a $ 350 000 taxi plate while Uner can do the same job with a randome plate ans car. NSW state gov toothless against corporationa specially those from Uncle Sam !

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