Taxi Wars: Uber Drops Fares By A Further 15% In Victoria

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  1. PissedOffUberDriver says:

    What no news report anywhere is mentioning (with these cut n’ paste press release articles) is that the $30 per hour that Uber is offering until end of April is only if the driver meets certain conditions, which are not dependent on how long they spend online but on other factors – getting a minimum number of riders in an hour for the $30 to be paid for that hour. In essence, Uber is taking more control of drivers by squeezing their hip pockets. I think they should be counted as a taxi company, not an app anymore – they are too controlling to just be an app – and they should be treated accordingly under the law. Maybe I’m still grumpy after reading how they try to pass themselves off as philanthropic by their university donations when all they are donating to is a department developing autonomous vehicles so they can scrap paying any drivers anything anywhere worldwide. Uber is becoming the Nestle of taxis (“make them pay for water”).

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