Introducing Tinder Social: Tinder For Friends

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  1. Longingly says:

    Tinder social is disgusting. I’m very heterosexual, so constantly seeing pictures of men in an array of potential suitees is deeply off-putting. It’s not a terribly bad thing, it’s just way, way, way less great than it used to be. Like going into a bar when it’s 90% the sex you’re interested in one week, and then going back next time and it’s 30%.

    Also, it’s being used by all the total desperados. Tinder was first used by care-free, sexy, early-adopters. “Tinder social” is only used by a few of my facebook friends (Tinder makes it extremely easy to tell who’s using it), and it’s all the people who I’m facebook friends with but don’t really want to be.

    Of the major big apps that have come to be in the past few years (Uber, Airbnb, WeWork, Tinder etc), Tinder has to be the one I have least faith in.

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