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AGH HEK: The ‘New’ Nokia 3310 Phone Won’t Actually Work In Australia

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  1. not a complete luddite i swear says:

    I bought a Nokia 215 from overseas because I just don’t use smartphone features and wanted a simple text+talk machine with a long battery life and physical buttons. I enjoyed using it until Telstra turned off their 2g network in December. I was really hoping this might be a way to go back to that without resorting to those nasty old-people phones with worse software than we had in the early 2000s.

    I’ve basically given up ever being in a target demographic for any mass market product but it’s still a little disappointing being ~too technologically advanced~ for nice simple things.

  2. Rr says:

    Where did you buy? you know where to but here in australia? MElbourne

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