Australians Want To Ban Donald Trump From Entering The Country?

Donald Trump Banned In Australia
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  1. marcus walker says:

    i am so so upset that this is even being discussed . I want no part in a country that would consider such a ban . please take me off the electoral roll and tax database this is the most offensive level of intolerance that i have ever seen ….bigots

  2. Abigail says:

    As an ex-pat Aussie married to a US military officer, yes I would love to see Trump banned from Australia. This is a hateful, ignorant over-bloated and over-indulged man that thinks that if he pays for it – he should get it! Look at him, he’s fat, wears a fake tan and fake hair and look like he is about to “stroke out!” I think that comes from spewing the level of hatred and ignorance that he does!

    1. Bobby Magee says:

      Pssssst, do you belong to one of the George Soros puppet groups? or are you just a hateful person.?

  3. kaleb says:

    Donald Trump is the Death Star

    1. Bobby Magee says:

      .You and all that voted to ban Donald Trump from Australia are uninformed idiots who believe everything the biased, lame stream media propaganda machines feed you 24/7.

  4. Alf Stewart says:

    Only people who should be banned include: terrorists, and/or those whose criminal records go against our laws. The right to free speech should be allowed- but we are a country that is being stifled in that area. I was chatting to my brother in law and he disagreed with a statement I made and I told him ‘I am entitled to say what I said,’ I quickly backtracked and realised that no I am not entitled..freedom of speech is only accepted as long as it adheres to the guidelines and standards of “society” (the minority acting as the majority).

    I hope he wins because he is channelling the rage of people. I have looked into what he is saying and he’s not racist people just exaggerate what he is saying. He wants to build the wall to stop illegals from coming in to the country- seriously what chances are there that he will even build the wall? there’s still a protocol that he will have to go through. As for banning Muslims- is it a kneejerk reaction? perhaps but so was John Howard banning gun in 96. Donald has sensed the fear of others and he knows there’s an issue but that the issues need to be addressed and what’s so wrong with his solution- least he’s offering up solutions. They should increase their security procedures just like Australia have.

    He is getting rid of ObamaCare which is a terrible program and getting rid of commoncore education system, another system viewed by many as a failure…so at least he is proposing something.

    I would vote for him against Clinton if I was American- she is too shady perhaps you all need to research the whitewater conspiracy then we’ll talk.

  5. Bobby Magee says:

    Agree 100%

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