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Lindsay Lohan Was Filmed Being Assaulted By Her Fiance, But Why Aren’t We Talking About It?

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  1. Nick says:

    Why do you not mention how Lohan chucked the guys phone out of the car and then chased to grab it?

    Assaulted? No. Restrained? Yes, he was getting his phone back from a person who was clearly attempting to provoke a reaction.


    1. Jonk says:

      Seriously? You fucking gross violent bastard, I hope no women ever have the misfortune of getting involved with you.

      1. Steve says:

        Haha that’s funny. Lohan isnt a victim you moron

        1. T says:

          Lol you’re funny- typical macho response. I hope you’re forever single, b/c I feel pity for any girl who ever dates you.
          Please leave and take your bias with you.

    2. Nick's Father says:

      Because that’s not a valid excuse for violent, unlawful ‘restraining’ of the victim.

      Lindsay’s action was wrong. It was non-violent.
      Egor’s action was violent. That makes it more wrong. Not all wrongs are equal. Nor are all mistakes.

      In closing, Nick, I’d love to ‘restrain’ you until you learn some better manners. You appear to believe that non-violent bad choices merit being violently restrained and having your privates exposed publicly, so I’ll be happy to fix your misbehavior in the manner of punishment you seem to support.

      1. Steve says:

        You’re pathetic. Just shut up. Lohan was throwing his stuff out the car and was grabbing more of his valuable items. She got out of the car with his stuff and he restrained her. She was acting hostile which made the situation look like an assault but it wasn’t. Grow the hell up. You aren’t a white knight. You’re a douche bag

        1. BeLoved says:

          “throwing his stuff out of the car” “valuable items” – When you “value” inanimate things and stuff more than a living person, or being, you are a brainless and heartless zombie.
          You fill your life with “stuff” because you can’t feel love, and are not worth loving by another living being. You sad miserable “thing”.

          1. Nick's Father's Ghost says:

            Oh yeah so just let her run off with his phone and cause a bunch of Drama. He didn’t hurt her and that phone probably has a value of 500+ dollars. He is well within his rights to restrain her from damaging his property.

            Of course, none of these single, independent, tough women are going to dare consider they are only defending Lohan because she’s a woman.

        2. Katy says:

          Who the hell is he to “restrain” her? Just pull the car over, get your stuff, let her run, end the relationship. DONE.

          1. Nick's Father's Ghost says:

            She had his phone in her hands. She was trying to keep it from him. Are you not paying any attention?

        3. Paulie says:

          No man, you’re the douche. You’re the one rationalizing and justifying violent behaviour; calling it “restraint” doesn’t change the fact that it’s unacceptable, regardless of your personal opinion of the male/female dynamic. It also doesn’t bolster your case or dismiss opposing comments by calling the people posting them “morons” or “douches” if anything it belies your lack of ability to convey anything that resembles a convincing reply to reaffirm your opinion.

      2. Kate says:

        Thank you for your informed reply to that Scunge… Maybe he’s young enough to change soon? .. I noticed at the end of her interview that Lindsay said “No woman can be hit and stay with that person if that person isn’t prepared to say sorry.” SORRY is not even on the table. Saying sorry and crocodile tears every week for many years kept my mother staying and staying until he was about to choke or kick one time too many. We kids were old enough and she finally left….Thank all that’s divine. But tomorrow marks 47 years since she died, at only fifty one…she was so pretty, my mama, but not after a session with my dad… Thank you Nick’s Dad. You’re a good man and it comes through.

    3. deadtired says:

      1 – No one gets to put their hands on you, period. No matter how you look, how much money you have, what you do for a living, or even what kind of person you are. This wasn’t self-defense, she was running away. Provoking someone by taking their phone isn’t something you meet with violence.
      2 – I have empathy for someone who was basically pimped out by her parents. That must feel awful, like you are just a cash cow and your own parents are milking you for everything you can provide them. Her self worth must be in the garbage about now. And here we see comments how she had everything – she didn’t have guidance, just the people who are supposed to be there, using her. I don’t know if you’ve had or known someone in a similar situation, it leads to so much sadness.
      3 – If abusive relationships were easy to leave (for any number of reasons, be they financial or emotion problems, or even addiction) people wouldn’t be dying at the hands of their partners every single day. If any of you here have been in or had loved ones in abusive relationships, you know the strength and support it takes to get out. She’s had addiction issues and no familial support, there’s no amount of money or fame that makes up for that.

    4. David says:

      So what?

      Who knows what Rihanna said to Chris Brown in the car the night he bashed his face in. Does it matter? NO. You don’t treat people like that. THAT’S the point.

      They need to be separated, and the law needs to start investigating into her claims of abuse and determine just how many times he has hurt her. I feel so sorry for this poor girl.

  2. gir says:

    Lindsay is a grown woman so if she is being assaulted she is free to leave him and not endure further assaults.

    1. Markabella says:

      Did you even finish reading the article?

  3. elty taylor says:

    I think the writer meant ‘torrid,’ not ‘tepid.’ It didn’t really make sense.

  4. Cate says:

    I think many can’t afford sympathy for a spoilt person. She had so much at one time, movies, music, a career since a tender age. And what did she do with it? She threw it aside and allow things and people to waste her life. It’s not so much as faded than crushed by her own two hands.

    And really, if Lohan wants to leave the man, she can do an interview, press conference, and manage a clean break. Even sue the dude if she wants. A lot of domestic violence victims left their exes, but continue to be stalked and haunted and physically hurt by their exes, maybe you should talk about that?

    1. Ren says:

      So according to you, Cate, because she “had it all” but made some spectacularly bad decisions during her very short life and can apparently make a “clean” break, Lindsay doesn’t deserve sympathy and compassion when it’s discovered she’s been the victim of abuse from her partner. Because she’s not human at all and money will fix all the emotional/physical trauma, right?

      Hey, it was wildly alleged that Nigella Lawson did drugs – yet we all still made all the right noises over her abuse though, because it’s Nigella and everyone loves her and doesn’t want to see her come to harm.

      Reeva Steenkamp was also well-to-do and famous – and she was shot dead by her abusive partner. I guess she could have walked away at any time too, right?

      There’s a plethora of widely reported cases of wealthy and/or famous men and women who have suffered greatly within abusive relationships. Somehow they are lesser beings to you because they have money.

      Let me put it in simpler terms – all victims and survivors of abuse, no matter how insignificant to you, deserve respect and sympathy. No one, no matter how famous or unfamous, ever walks away from an abusive relationship the same. Money can only fix so much. I hope karma never comes for you.

    2. Markabella says:

      What does her former success have to do with this? And HAHA are you seriously trying to distract from this instance of domestic violence/spousal abuse with the argument that other domestic violence victims — the ones who left their abusers AND are being stalked, how specific! — deserve more attention?

      But hey, despite your lack of empathy and logic, I’d still have a problem if your partner were to physically assault you.

  5. Angela says:

    To any one saying she’s spoilt she can just leave him any time look at what she’s done to her previous bf’s she threw his phone or whatever can go fuck themselves whether your famous or not domestic violence is real.
    And no matter how much money you have there is still a struggle and a fear of this happened to me today what might happen tomorrow or the next day what if it’s worse what if I get killed what if I leave him and no one else will want me what if he comes after me famous or not rich or poor there is a struggle and a threat and a fear of something more yet to come I hope she does leave him and he gets exactly what he deserves and she and never has to go through that again because no matter who you are rich or poor female or male no one should have to endure domestic violence people need to speak out and help victims of it no matter who they may or may not be

    1. James says:

      “Anybody with an opinion different to mine can go fuck themselves!”

      Jesus wept. If this is a brawl, assault or a fight then a school yard scrap is a fight to the death.

      Roles reversed – What if he had lobbed her phone out the window and then Lohan went trying to pull him away to retrieve it? He’d still be criticised for trying to provoke a reaction and being a dick.

      As far as the video shows. Lohan acted like a child and a guy retrieved his belongings. See it for what it is and remove those man-hating tinted goggles for a second?

      1. Anon says:

        did you read the article James?

        “The video follows the police recently being called to break down Lohan’s door, after she screamed to neighbours that Tarabasov was trying to strangle her.”

        maybe not everyone puts on “man-hating tinted goggles” when they’re trying to discuss cases of domestic violence where often, men are the aggressors.

        It’s highly irrational to blame men for everything but in cases like these, it’s warranted through evidence.

        You seem to have hidden yourself behind a shield created in response to SJW’s of the internet. Please reconsider your position on issues of domestic violence (this case being one) and your discourse as a male body on the internet.

        1. Steve says:

          Yes SJW are pricks. Oh wow, Lohan reported domestic abuse previously, claiming she was being strangled, is the guy arrested? Where are her marks on her neck? Sorry but I don’t but that for a second

  6. Lisa Kennelly says:

    “Roles reversed – What if he had lobbed her phone out the window and then Lohan went trying to pull him away to retrieve it? He’d still be criticised for trying to provoke a reaction and being a dick.

    As far as the video shows. Lohan acted like a child and a guy retrieved his belongings. See it for what it is and remove those man-hating tinted goggles for a second?”

    Roles reversed? Shut up. They weren’t. The article isn’t about man-hating. It’s about how Lindsay Lohan was assaulted and because she’s a “party girl” and had a history of substance abuse, nobody seems to care. YOU sound like the child, “wahh, if it were her beating him up, everyone would be on her side.”

    1. Allison Connor says:

      She was assaulted ‘because she’s a “party girl” and had a history of substance abuse’. Cool, let’s treat adult women like children who can’t control their own emotions and bodies. That’s a fun step forward.

      1. Derrington says:

        Re read that, it says because she’s a party girl AND had a history of substance abuse nobody seems to care. The comment before isnt advocating what youve understood.

  7. Leigh says:

    Abuse should not be tolerated. Lindsay Lohan has a very long history of lying – either to gain attention or to get out of trouble. That’s possibly why this isn’t being seen as harshly as it should perhaps be seen.

  8. Danielle May says:

    Wow? So because she was famous and fell off the wagon into the substance abuse party train it should be totally ignored that she’s being abused? And it’s on film? Who gives a flying fuck if she chucked his phone! He was obviously hurting her! Restraining her, and attempting to break her arm are two totally different things. Guarantee he left some nice sized bruises. What if this were your mother, or your sister? A niece or cousin? Would you feel the same way, and brush it off because she somehow provoked his behavior? What if it was your daughter! Like come on, get real. Abuse apologists…No woman no matter her background, deserves to be abused. And walking away may sound easy but I assure you it’s not.

  9. Fran says:

    We’re not talking about it because its not assault. she took his phone without asking, and he used a slightly aggressive way to get back his own property. she wasnt hurt, she didnt fucking care. stop making problems out of nothing. I thought women were supposed to be tough, but one guy grabs his phone from a girl and you want a news story about it? grow up

  10. L-Vonce the Engineer says:

    Humanity’s finest right here.

    Restrained her? No, guys, that’s an arm-bar. If unclear on the difference between nonviolent restraining maneuvers and limb-disabling maneuvers, first give someone a hug. That non-harmful force holding you in place? That’s being restrained. Now, go punch a cop. Unless you’re black, you are now experiencing a limb-disabling maneuver, and hopefully gaining some sense of nuance. Or any sense, really.

    She took his phone? So? Unless she was presenting a physical threat to him, there is no excuse to do so with her. That’s not opinion. That’s law. I know, I know: someone is just burning to say, “if you take my phone, you’ll be lucky if putting you in an arm-bar is all I do.” Just because you are also willing to commit aggravated assault doesn’t change that being exactly what it is. And that fact that you’re willing to do it over a phone probably means you should talk to someone, bro.

    To every variation of “why doesn’t she/can’t she just leave?”: Relationships are fucked up. Most victims of abuse don’t leave the first time around. Some stay because they’ve convinced themselves the person can be redeemed or it’s a one-off. Some stay because they are afraid of trying to leave. Some stay because a toxic dependency has formed, and they depend on this person to otherwise maintain their life. Some stay because they’ve also been mentally abused to think the physical abuse is not that. Why she is still there is, at best, a secondary concern to “there being a dangerous, unhealthy place.

    And every variation of “I though feminism meant I could hit women now, at least a little bit. shucks,” has clearly missed the point. You know, like equal consideration in the workplace, non-discriminatory labor practices, involuntary sexualization and the commodification of said sexuality in every facet of society. Oh, and the casual acceptance/rationalization of violence against them, particularly in relationships.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but violence in any situation but to immediately preserve your own physical health is barbarism.

    1. Dorp says:

      L-Vonce the Engineer please stop talking, you have shown your lack of knowledge on multiple front from “arm-bar” to “aggravated assault”. Your misinformation is barbarism.

  11. mike says:

    nice titties……ahhhhhhhhooohhhh hhoooooooooooo ….aaaaaaaaa………….jizzed

  12. Janice L. says:

    Sorry Lindsay, Amber Heard doesn’t make it credible anymore for women to cry domestic abuse. Even when there’s more video evidence than Amber’s.

    1. pdiddy says:

      r u saying amber heard’s black eye was self inflicted?

      1. Janice L. says:

        That was hardly a black eye. Besides, there is more proof of Amber being violent than Depp.

        1. Karen says:

          You didn’t see the pictures, then. Heard’s face was *messed up*, with a sharp-edged, iPhone-shaped bruise over the whole side. But do continue to blame victims, as if siding with violent men will protect you from violence. See the abuse and turn away.

  13. Mom says:

    Lindsey, get a new man honey… if the relationship is toxic then it is not the right one for you. Strong women will always make it even on there own!

  14. Edward Verboli says:

    If you care so much about domestic violence then why is the image linked that brought me here a close up of her boobs popping out? Think about that. This page cares only about the clicks the story gets, nothing more.

  15. Roland says:

    These comments make it clear why women don’t leave. I really hate humans, especially male ones.

  16. andrew says:

    Every room has a door.

  17. Ash says:

    I guess “OW” doesn’t count as a sound for being hurt anymore? Have one of your friends grab your arm and twist it up and behind your back and see if it doesn’t hurt. Now add 5X more aggresion because she threw a fucking phone out of the window because he is a cheater and she probably found disturbing texts from other women (but im just speculating here), that gives you the fucking right to lay a finger on another person? He is wealthy. He can buy a new phone. He got angry because he probably got caught doing something he isn’t supposed to do when you’re in a relationship. She is the victim and we DO NOT VICTIM BLAME ANYMORE.

  18. MisterMan says:

    Where were all the “anti-violence” comments when Liability Lohan smashed a waitress in the face with a champagne glass or punched a woman in the face in a nightclub while she was blitzed or spit in a man’s face in a bar while she was blitzed? Careful, ladies…. your Wymynysm is showing………

  19. Kara says:

    Because she wasnt assaulted, iv seen the video. She threw his phone and that was him attempting 2 grab it bk, he nvr violently hit her or anything, after the 3second struggle 2 get his phone she sat in his car and wouldnt get out. Hes the victim, not that coke whore

  20. Carly says:

    I don’t understand… What part of this video posted shows “abuse”? I dont believe a word she says about ‘this isnt the first time” honestly. Its just so blown up! We dont know the whole story and this is seriously an insult to the women who are actually battered and beaten every day! Does any sane person think that this guy was actually trying to assualt a high profile woman in broad daylight with all these witnesses?!! Not only that…we are talking about a celebrity alcoholic drug addict… and he’s going to automatically be a bad guy in this situation because hes a man. He could have been restraining her because she was drunk and its safer to do that, then let her run off with his things. If this was anyone other than a celebrity would anyone care? It literally looks like he’s trying to get that tablet or whatever out of her hand. Siblings do this all the time.. friends do this all the time. If your sensitive to people touching you, sorry for the harsh reality that this isnt abuse. Most people would do the same thing to get something of theirs back. What a joke this story is.

    1. Karen says:

      “Not only that…we are talking about a celebrity alcoholic drug addict… and he’s going to automatically be a bad guy in this situation because hes [sic] a man.” Did you even read what you wrote? You are judging that she is just a spoiled addict who isn’t worthy of dignity. Maybe that’s why he knew he could get away with it, because he knew people don’t give a crap about her worthless person. He, and other abusers, are banking on this reaction. Sorry for the harsh reality, miss, but it actually is abuse, legally and morally.

  21. Suzie louis says:

    It’s Lindsay Lohan- ‘nough said. Who cares.

  22. BigBoy says:

    Damn, any still shots of those big ol’ titties?

  23. Hoes be hoes says:

    She’s a whore and deserved a pimp slap.

  24. Reticuli says:

    Seems like she developed a taste for a certain standard of living that she had when in Hollywood and decided to get involved with a mean billionaire to satisfy it now that she is no longer making that kind of money.

  25. Rose says:

    God heal your wounds Miss Lohan.

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