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Kevin Rudd Tweets His Disgust Of Pauline Hanson’s Return, Did Not Hold Back

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  1. Alice Cooper says:

    Krudd never listened when he was an idiot PM and is still not listening to the voters now.

    You and Krudd are commie morons.

    1. Bazza says:

      @Alice Cooper

      He was still a better PM than Abbott ever was – and look he can criticize Pauline’s views without actually trying to have her falsely imprisoned! Maybe your side of politics could learn from that?

      PS Calling a slightly right of center ex-PM a commie is a clear sign that you are in fact a fascist scumbag.

  2. I suppose that when we encourage a democracy, we have to give time to idiotic point of view like Pauline Henson’s. Surely we justify her presence t show how democratic we are?

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