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Andrew Bolt The Sexist
Australian Politics

Andrew Bolt Cries Sexist: Complains It’s Unfair That Australia’s Sex Discrimination Commissioner Is A Woman

By On February 12, 2016

Put a fork in Andrew Bolt, the man is well and truly cooked. The professional shit-stirrer has attacked yesterday’s news that Victorian lawyer Kate Jenkins has been appointed as the new Federal Sex… Read More

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 4.14.35 PM
Australian Politics

Kate Jenkins Has Been Named Australia’s Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner

By On February 11, 2016

Good news, ladies of Australia! Victorian lawyer Kate Jenkins has been named the new Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner. (Beyoncé chanting “who run the world” is heard in the distance) Jenkins’ appointment has… Read More

Donald Trump Banned In Australia

Australians Want To Ban Donald Trump From Entering The Country?

By On February 2, 2016

ABC’s Lateline is currently taking a poll on whether or not Australians believe that Donald Trump should be allowed to cross into our borders. The poll has come to life after the… Read More

Kevin Rud Labor Party Vote
Australian Politics

Labor Asks Aussies to Vote For K-Rudd This Election – Still Don’t Know Who Their Leader Is

By On January 29, 2016

An Australian Labor Party staffer has made a massive balls-up by making a ‘How to vote’ page from the 2013 Federal Election live. Confused prospective voters noticed that the page featured disgraced former Labor leader,… Read More

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 12.26.36 pm

Only Women Of The US Senate Showed Up For Work After The ‘Snowzilla’ Blizzard

By On January 28, 2016

The record-breaking ‘Snowzilla‘ storm in the United States has come and gone, but it seems the blokes of the American Upper House are more hesitant to come out of hiding than their… Read More

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 12.07.35 pm

Watch Barack Obama Dub His Way Through ‘Sorry’ By Justin Bieber

By On January 27, 2016

Barack is back with another #Obanger! Youtuber (and master of utilising free-time), ‘BaracksDubs‘ has added to the repertoire of Barack Obama dub music videos, creating another beautifully crafted mix of Presidential speeches blended into… Read More

Mark Latham
Australian Politics

Mark Latham Attacks Rosie Batty As ‘Elitist’, Says Domestic Violence “Is A Coping Mechanism” For Men

By On January 22, 2016

Giving listeners a taste of his new Triple M show, Mark Latham kicked things off on a bright and cheery depressing and completely distasteful note this morning. In a 20 minute sample clip promoting the former… Read More

Andrew Bolt
Editors Pick

The Bolt Report Axed: Counting Down The 10 Best Worst Moments

By On January 18, 2016

Controversial columnist and vocal right-winged creature Andrew Bolt has a bit more free time on his hands. As of today, it was announced that his Channel Ten program The Bolt Report has… Read More


Huge Win For Weiwei, LEGO Has Changed Their Policy On Political Projects

By On January 14, 2016

Political activist and contemporary art force de’ jour Ai Weiwei has had a big win for free speech and artistic autonomy, with LEGO announcing their policies have been amended to no longer police… Read More

Hillary Clinton
US Politics

Hillary Clinton Wants Everyone To Know The Truth About UFOs And Area 51

By On January 5, 2016

In the lead up to US Primary elections in February, democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has made a left of field promise. Not only does ‘Hil’ aim to make history as the first female president of the… Read More

Tony Abbott Speaker
Australian Politics

PM For Rent: You Can Now Hire Tony Abbott To Show Up At Your Next Event

By On January 4, 2016

Cancel the comedian, magician, singer or whoever else you had lined up for your next corporate event, because you can now get the one and only Tony Abbott to thrill* the crowd.… Read More

Uber Sydney

BREAKING: NSW Comes To Their Senses And Officially Makes UBER Legal

By On December 17, 2015

Mike Baird and his band of merry state government ministers have today closed the door on all the fuss and debate surrounding Uber. This afternoon, the cabinet gave the ride sharing service the green… Read More

Tampon Tax Protest
Australian Politics

France Stop Taxing Woman On Tampons, Pushing Australia’s ‘Tampon Tax’ Back On The A-Gender

By On December 16, 2015

The good people of France have come to their senses, yesterday announcing that they’ll be abolishing a totally unfair tax on essential woman’s sanitary items such as tampons. The move has re-sparked the debate… Read More


Watch Michelle Obama Spit Rhymes In Her First Rap Collaboration

By On December 11, 2015

MC FLOTUS, AKA Michelle Obama, has out of nowhere dropped her first rap collaboration today, joining forces with Saturday Night Live’s Jay Pharaoh for College Humour. The pair came together to create this ‘Go… Read More

Obama Headphones

Barack Obama Has Named His Favourite Song Of 2015

By On December 10, 2015

US President, Barack Obama has named his favourite choon of 2015 and as expected, it’s a popular choice. In a fresh interview with People magazine, President Obama said his favourite song of the… Read More

Donald Trump
Australian Politics

Watch A Bald Eagle Get Pissed And Attack Donald Trump

By On December 10, 2015

Donald Trump is pissing everyone off, and that included the iconic American Bald Eagle itself. During a photoshoot for TIME magazine, Trump posed with the ultra ‘merican ‘ symbol aptly named ‘Uncle Sam’ when it… Read More

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel Takes Out TIME Person of the Year, Is The First Woman In 29 Years

By On December 10, 2015

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has become the first woman in 29 years to take the crown of TIME person of the year. Read the full story on Angela Merkel, TIME’s 2015 Person of… Read More

Western Distributor
Australian Politics

The Victorian State Government Confirms The New ‘Western Distributor’ Toll Road

By On December 8, 2015

Just because Victorian State Leader Daniel Andrews shut down the controversial East-West Link, adding more controversy to our ever controversial outer-city roads, doesn’t mean other toll roads aren’t an option. Today the… Read More

Judge Jeanine Pirro

Fox News Hits New Low, Implores Americans To Fight Gun Violence By Buying More Guns

By On December 8, 2015

Known for keeping a cool head in the face of terrorism and threats to patriotic freedom, Fox News program presenter Judge Jeanine Pirro has given a well-measured, diplomatic speech on the future… Read More

Jafri Katagar Melbourne Racism Protest

Meet Jafri Katagar, The Melbourne Legend On A Personal Mission To ‘Stop Racism Now’

By On December 5, 2015

A striking scene can been witnessed in the heart of Melbourne over the Christmas period. As one man, defiant to change public attitudes towards racism, promotes his own campaign for acceptance of all… Read More

White Student Union
Australian Politics

We Interviewed The People Behind The ‘White Student Unions’ Who Insist It’s Not A Hoax

By On December 3, 2015

A rapid spread of ‘White Student Union’ (WSU) Facebook pages across Australian Universities has lead many to assume that it’s all a hoax. The accusation comes amid the recent creation of WSU pages… Read More


BREAKING: Senate Votes To Remove All Kids From Immigration Detention In Australia By Christmas

By On November 23, 2015

Australians all let us rejoice! The Australian senate has proposed a landmark bill that calls to release all children from Australian based detention centres by Christmas this year. Today it gained the support of the… Read More

Child And Father Paris Shooting

WATCH: This Father Explaining The Paris Shooting To His Scared Son Will Melt Your Heart

By On November 17, 2015

If you’re feeling like the rest of us and are a bit down in the dumps about the state of the world at the moment, here’s a small shimmer of humanity to… Read More

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.29.40 am

Somebody Made A Donald Trump Portrait Out Of 500 Dick Pics

By On November 17, 2015

Warning: NSFW The internet can be a weird and wonderful place and when Donald Trump’s involved, it’s usually for the best. Case in point is this ‘delightful’ mosaic artwork created by Tumblr user HomoPower. The Trump portrait has… Read More

Bill Shorten Car Crash
Australian Politics

Bill Shorten Crashed His Car Over The Weekend After Spilling Coffee On Himself

By On November 17, 2015

Man about town and leader of the opposition party, Bill Shorten was reportedly involved in his own #SpillGate over the weekend, when he crashed a car in the Melbourne suburb of Carlton. The news came… Read More