Lady Complains That Nice Terrorist Attack ‘Ruined Her Shopping Trip’ On Live TV

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  1. gwowen says:

    Let’s all use this opportunity to gang up on a woman who has just witnessed horrific scenes, and is almost certainly in deep psychological shock.

    Well done everyone.

    1. equinoxranch says:

      Oh please……………. Being a sycophant apologist is no way to go through life…………………….

  2. Paul says:

    Unbelievable , so are you a psychologist?,…look at her images on the ‘net and I think most normal people would agree she’s totally out of touch with reality, was an extremely insensitive remark to make ,no excuses.

    1. gwowen says:

      No. Are you a psychic? Or when you say “most normal people”, do you actually mean “people like me, who totally lack empathy”?

      1. Paul says:

        You chose to not read my comment fully and were clearly upset by the reference to “psychologist”,..when you responded with the remark “are you a psychic?”. I said ,..”.Look at her images on the ‘net”,..It is obvious that this woman lives a “charmed life”,.. but you ignored that and tried to justify your original post. This is exactly about lacking empathy, ..she has zero empathy and you defend her ,… so how are you feeling about that?

  3. Lucy Liu says:

    I doubt miss piggy has any empathy. People like her should just stop wasting oxygen. Pathetic indeed.

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