You Am I on their own beer: "Smashable"

Beer. It's something that You Am I have been known to enjoy from time to time. Now they've put their money where their drinking arm is with the awesomely named Brew Am I: a 5% alcohol pale ale that, in the words of Richard Adamson, brewer at Young Henrys, aims to share more than a name with the beer.

"Capturing the spirit of You Am I in a bottle is a challenge, but one we feel equal to," says Adams of the task. "Brew Am I is a new world pale ale clocking in at 5%, made with ingredients sourced from parts of the world that each band member calls home; rolled wheat from Tim and Rusty's western state, Davey's Victorian malt, and Andy's Kiwi hops all combine to make the perfect accompaniment to the band's music. Music that has inspired the brewers for many years."

According to drummer Rusty Hopkinson, it's also “smashable.”

“I believe the proper term for it is a 'session beer',” he laughs at the launch of said tipple at Young Henry's Brewery in Enmore on Saturday night. It was a veritable who's-who of inner west music biz folk – various Smudges, Mess Halls and Eva Trouts, among others, were crowded into the tiny lounge, with court held by You Am I's Sydney contingent of Hopkinson and bassist Andy Kent. [Frontman Tim Rogers and guitarist Davey Lane both currently reside in Melbourne.].

While it's You Am I's beer, Rusty's quick to make clear that the band acted more in a curatorial role than actually sweating over a hot still.

“It wasn't like we were all here saying 'it needs more floral tones' or anything: we all made suggestions about how it should taste, but basically we just wanted a beer that we would drink,” he explains.

So there were no specifications about the alcohol content being exactly 6.66%, as per Front End Loader's signature brew? “Oh no, no. And honestly, how would you even tell?”

The beer will be available as the band tours the country in support of their recent reissues, as well as a few select hotels. But the most important question is: is it any good?

The answer, thankfully, is yes. It's a very light pale ale, yet it goes down rather more like a lager (and tastes a bit pilsnery, to these taste buds at least). Those used to heavier ales, like Coopers, will find it deliciously light – and yes, very smashable indeed.


Brew Am I is currently available on tap at selected You Am I shows. To register your interest in purchasing the beer, head to

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