Mumford & Sons thrown out of strip club

They really fucked it up this time. The beard-folk quartet were thrown out of an Atlanta strip club on Tuesday after breaking the no filming rule.

"Ewww, they were filming the strippers? Marcus Mumford, how dare you?" you're thinking. Well, it's not quite that salacious, I'm afraid. No, they weren't filming the strippers, they were just filming some karaoke. Mumford & Sons banjo player Winston Marshall (wait, they're not all banjo players?) stepped onto the karaoke stage (wait, strippers AND karaoke?) to belt out a tune while the rest of the band looked on through their phones. Due to the club's no-filming policy, the DJ tried to get them to put down their phones, but so adamant were they to capture Marshall's shining moment, they refused.

Allegedly they then swore at the DJ and accused him of "ruining" Marshall's song, at which point club staff stepped in and asked them to leave. In the TMZ footage, you can hear the bouncers shouting "Everybody out! Go, go, go!" and then someone saying "We're gonna leave." Boy, this whole event has really shattered the image I had of Mumford & Sons as wholesome country folk. Getting kicked out of a strip club - what would their mothers say?

TMZ full report can be found along with the video here.

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