10 Great Remixes of Rubbish Songs

Man, there was some rubbish released in 2012. Poor songs built by label design and then pushed upon a willing (note: not always willing) public. Indeed, the last ten years have been such a fustercluck for the majors that they’ll grab at anything that could potentially sell, meaning pop music by and large has been getting stupider and stupider.

Thankfully, though, those not plugged into the major label system have had to get smarter. And the new decade has been one where we’ve witnessed the continued rise of the small-time producer – artists who might even be operating from their bedrooms, but with massive music collections, technical knowhow and an uncanny ability to navigate around a song.

It means even the worst turds can be shined into musical gold. Here are ten of the best examples of 2012. Listen to the originals, if you dare.

10. Joyce – ‘Keep the Lights On’ (Clams Casino remix) 

Joyce’s ethereal, stuttering debut single ‘Keep the Lights On’ is so stylistically on point it’s not funny. It’s also not very good. Enter Clams Casino.

9. Wale – ‘Lotus Flower Bomb’ (Hesk remix)

Thankfully, Hesk completed this mix before being compelled to cut his own ears off.

8. Enter Shikari – ‘Arguing With Thermometers’ (Goth-Trad remix)

I know everyone else loves them, but I can’t help but find the revolutionary intentions of Enter Shikari a total yawnfest. Maybe it’s because they’re from St Albans. Japan’s Goth-Trad understands my pain.

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