Report: Laneway Festival, Sydney 2013

Report: Laneway Festival, Sydney 2013

Laneway Festival
College of the Arts, Sydney
Saturday 2nd February 2013


Laneway is no longer a cute little festival. The feted annual indie gathering is now a big deal; there are big artists, bigger sponsorship deals and a sizeable collection of kids on _______ wearing tank tops and mini-skirts while moshing to an Icelandic folk band in the freezing rain. If that’s not a sign your event has made it into the big leagues, Lord knows what is.

With growth comes changes: this year organisers have  heeded the cries of 2012's punters who found themselves stuck at the bottle-necked end of Sydney College Of The Arts’ interior, and moved the two biggest stages onto to rolling hills outside.

This means that despite being a sell-out, it’s one of the breeziest Laneways yet.

“She totally just looked at me!”