How big is the motherf**king universe?

For full effect, play this Jean Michel Jarre video and read my story aloud in your best Patrick Stewart voice:

Science—it’s in everything we eat. We breathe it. Science is the force that tangles our headphones into knots. It is the musky interstitial space between people on a crowded train. It is the reason redheads are generally angrier people. WE would be nothing without—SSSSSSSSSCIENCCCCCCCE!

You may have seen The Guardian’s video (below) on the relative size of the universe. It’s a cool way of having any chance at getting a grip on how small we are. But really, we are far more insignificant than we like to think. An effervescent and nauseating Pete Edwards, Astronomer, compares a grain of sand to a cathedral to give us some scale of how the universe wouldn’t miss us if we disappeared. And when you ponder that there are more galaxies in the universe than grains of sand on earth, it’s easy to accept that the prospect of earth harboring the only intelligent life in the universe is extremely unlikely.

Science hipsterism

Since originality is worth its weight mass in Au these days, I felt compelled to remind you of Powers of Ten, the original  “how big is the universe?” mind fuck. Charles and Ray Eames (Ray was a woman) are best known for their furniture—you may have sat on it before?

In the late 60s, IBM commissioned the Eames’ to create an educational film that shows the universe in factors of ten. You can read more about it on the Eames website. Powers of Tens' impact is just as great 45 years later—enjoy with a spliff…

It's also nice to see an interracial couple.

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