Google's 55 Most Disturbing Group Think Examples

Google's 55 Most Disturbing Group Think Examples

Ever wondered whether eating gifted children will actually raise your IQ? Or if koalas get Chlamydia? What about the number eleven? Why isn’t it pronounced onety one?

If these questions, or similar ones, keep you awake at night... well they probably don’t because: Google, smart phones.

Since the ubiquitous search engine/ tech magnate that inspired a religion of its own started predicative search terms based on the real quandaries of real people, the Internet’s most celebrated argument-solver has provided some gems that offer... insights on universal human anxieties.

But just a quick word of advice from Team Vine... if you have to ask Google if your behaviour is appropriate, the answer is always no. And cupcakes, to our disappointment too, are not a mineral. Happy browsing and disavowing.  

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    Monday 01 Jul 2013 - 7:08 PM
    Yeah? Type in 'Can my do' into google...2nd one down, yikes!
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