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Streetview tour Raoul Silva's Skyfall island lair - Fun Things

Happy new financial year, children! Don’t forget to lodge your tax returns early.

New Dep. Prime Minister interviews himself

This guy, Albanese, comes across as a little drunk in my opinion, but then, I’ve never heard him speak before. Just remember this guy is going to be running the country if Rudd happens to leave on business or dies. Via @tim_chr

Gunkanjima OR that island from Skyfall

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A tiny island just off Nagasaki Harbour, Hashima Island—otherwise known as Gunkanjima (Battleship Island)—is now a ghost town (unsurprisingly, it’s also known as Ghost Island to locals). The island was first inhabited in the late 1800s when Mitsubishi bought it to mine the area for coal. Peak population on the island hit 5259 in 1959 giving Hashima a population density of 139,100/km2—the most densely populated country today, Singapore, enjoys 7,301 people/km2.

Then in 1974, coal mining came to a sudden halt and its residents all left with some immediacy, evident in the old televisions, furniture and artifacts from daily life. Claims to fame: the world’s first concrete residential structure (outside of Ancient Rome) was built on Hashima in 1905. The island was used as the setting for Raoul Silva’s hideout in Skyfall. It wasn’t actually filmed there though—the movie used a set and a lot of CGI. Here’s Raoul on his island, delivering one of the best single takes in cinema:

Leandro Elrich’s ‘Dalston House’

Argentinian artist, Leandro Elrich has created an installation piece that replicates the façade of a typical Victorian terrace house—BUT WITH A TWIST! OMFG, you thought shit was getting boring. Just watch the video. And if you are still having trouble remembering who he is—you should know his most famous piece—Swimming Pool Illusion:

Drunk girl ruins wedding

This video was originally posted four years ago—but she’s doing the rounds again! Riotous drunk girl—volumous hair, even more volumous breasts, a bride-unstaging red dress and her uninhibited pole dancing. The bride is clearly unimpressed when drunk girl leads the groom around by his tie. Even the cameraman manages to spill a drink. It all comes to an end when drunk girl literally brings the house down. The icing on the wedding cake is the bride’s blood nose. I can’t tell which eastern European country this is from, but I bet the incident reignited a bitter family feud.

A topical Edward Snowden meme

But then—when aren’t memes topical?

Maeklong Market, Thailand

This place is amazing—I wish I knew about it when I was in Thailand! It’s the kind of wonderful thing that can only happen in South East Asia—Australian councilors would be having a fit watching this. The No.4382 commuter train passes through the market. Each time, sellers pack up their wares and trundle them out of the train’s path. Via @tamasys

Dreams That Money Can Buy (1947)

Get to know this movie so you can reference it at exhibition launches and scoff and flit your hair when your contemporaries can’t keep up. A well-unknown art house flick created by surrealist Hans Richter with input from other artists, including one of my favourites—Alexander Calder (see below), the film follows Joe as he figures out how to pay the rent for his new room. He eventually figures out that he can see inside people’s minds and sets up shop selling dreams. Inhale some ether and watch. BTW, Alexander Calder:

Just for Hits - Richard Dawkins

Continuing the drug theme… I’m a big fan of Dawkins’ talks—but I don’t know what to make of this. It seems a little contrived to me. Enjoy with a side of mushrooms. Via @helenlewis

Georgio Armani once tried LSD

According to his biography, Georgio once had a tab of LSD… apparently he didn’t’ know what it was:

"Si, si!" Armani concurs cheerfully: "I'd better tell you the story. It was a long time ago, we were in the office, and we had finished work exhausted. A friend of a friend said 'hey, take this it will give you energy', so I thought I'd try it. I didn't know what it was. It made me laugh and laugh, like crazy... to the point that my back hurt" - he holds his hips - "like I'd just had a baby."

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