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Heavenly frozen yoghurt drops in from Cloud9

So uh, recently, we shot up about six kilometres above the earth and froze to minus 2.88 degrees.

By “we” we mean a tub of delicious frozen yoghurt with our name on it.

Nine hundred millilitres of sweet, sweet creamy Cloud 9 yoghurt specially labelled “TheVine” was launched into the stratosphere attached to a balloon, where it froze, and made its way back down like a gift from the gods (or Felix Baumgartner). Actually, it had a kind of awkward crash landing in the desert, but in some kind of holy miracle, it survived.

The flavour was, quite appropriately, named Vanilla Heaven – and lord, did it taste divine. Kind of like feathers from angel's wings.

It was a daring a stunt for a little tub of dairy deliciousness and it’s all part of the launch (literally) of Cloud 9 frozen yoghurt, a trio of fun, eclectic and downright drool-worthy flavours of frozen yoghurt. Choose from Strawberry Dream, with chunks of real strawberry and biscuit; Limoncello Bliss, with a lemon curd swirl, minus the hangover; and Vanilla Heaven (OURS), with raspberry and chocolate fudge pieces. Three words: om nom nom.

Actually, maybe just cancel tonight’s plans and curl up on the couch. With a tub. Or three. Seriously.

It’s coming to stores near you, or possibly on your head via parachute, if you’re not careful.

Check out the video of our little fro-yo baby’s journey below and to find out more check out the hashtag #frozenintheclouds or look up @cloud9fy on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vimeo and YouTube.

TheVine's Voyage into the Clouds from Cloud 9 Frozen Yoghurt on Vimeo.

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