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Report Finds That Puns Might Not Be As Funny As You Think

By On March 18, 2016

Puns can sometimes be as a result of a damaged brain, writes Dom Hone. We all have that one friend who lives only to make jokes. Hell-bent on a supremely timed gaff,… Read More


Going Clean: Grimes Is Giving Up The Drugs

By On February 29, 2016

Grimes no longer wants drugs associated with her image and has decided to go clean to be a good role model for her young fans. The 27-year-old singer has spoken out against substance… Read More

Ashy Bines Tess Holliday
Editors Pick

Fitness Clickbaiter Ashy Bines Slams Plus-Size Model Tess Holliday For Setting Bad Body Example

By On February 23, 2016

Australia’s own self-appointed fitness guru Ashy Bines, of famed newsfeed clickbaity transformation program the ‘Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge‘, has posted on social media berating American plus-size model Tess Holliday for setting… Read More

Editors Pick

Cutting The Fat: New Study Ranks The 10 Most Overweight Industries In Australia

By On January 13, 2016

 Obesity in Australia is a bloody big problem, and one which has more than doubled in the two decades preceding 2003 according to the The Medical Journal of Australia. Turns out our beer guzzling, meat-pie… Read More

Tampon Tax Protest
Australian Politics

France Stop Taxing Woman On Tampons, Pushing Australia’s ‘Tampon Tax’ Back On The A-Gender

By On December 16, 2015

The good people of France have come to their senses, yesterday announcing that they’ll be abolishing a totally unfair tax on essential woman’s sanitary items such as tampons. The move has re-sparked the debate… Read More

Hangover Clinic Sydney

Here’s A First Look Inside Australia’s First Hangover Clinic And Where To Find It

By On December 14, 2015

Australians all let us rejoice – for we are hangover free Yep. That’s right. Australia’s very first hangover clinic has opened up in time for the silly season! The business, which has set up shop… Read More

Bubble Wrap

PLAY: Pop Virtual Bubble Wrap To Celebrate World Stress Relief Day

By On November 4, 2015

Stress comes in many shapes and forms and it affects us all. Our modern world brings with it a whole heap of pressures that hit us at home, work and even when we’re… Read More


This Swedish Kid’s TV Show Released A Song About Periods

By On October 18, 2015

A Swedish kids TV show has released a song and accompanying video in attempt to normalise menstruation to its viewers. The song is sung from the point-of-view of a young boy who is… Read More

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Tax Office Worker Wins Appeal To Have Breast Reduction Surgery Funded By Australian Government

By On October 8, 2015

An Australian Taxation Office worker is expected to undergo a $20,000 government-funded breast reduction. After receiving compensation for a workplace injury in 2009, Roseanne Howes took her employer to court again, trying to get… Read More

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Canadian Friends Turn Their Lives Around To Inspire A Generation

By On October 6, 2015

A group of young Canadian guys aim to inspire a generation to change the image of young people today by getting active. Assumptions of us youths being lazy and having a lack of direction… Read More

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A Guide to Cannabis Law in Australia

By On September 4, 2015

Please note, this article is from TheVine’s archives and was recently copied over to our new website. Some claims and research may now be out of date.  “Marijuana Use Most Rampant in… Read More


4 easy ways to get healthy in June

By On June 23, 2015

Winter is here, which generally means warm comfort food, more time on the couch by the heater and an easy excuse to not go for that run. To keep your body healthy… Read More


Beyondblue launches new campaign for ‘blue collar’ Australians

By On June 23, 2015

Related: Jon Stewart addresses the Charleston Church shooting Mental health in Australia is something that doesn’t get nearly the attention or funding that it should, with Aussie men the main offenders when it… Read More