Food perfection has been found: meet the croissant burger


Long has man searched for the ultimate in food hybrids, and we may have just discovered it.

Let us introduce you to the croissant burger (above), the beautiful Frankenstein creation from Piccolo Me in Sydney.

In a similar vein to the traditional brioche bun burger seen everywhere, the croissant burger takes things to the next level, adding a dimension of flaky and buttery crunch thanks to the toasted french pastry.

This master piece got us thinking, what are the best mutant foods out there? So we put together a bit of a list to get you salivating.

The Cruffin

Keeping with the croissant theme, the cruffin tweaks the typical croissant into an entirely desert-centric love affair.

You can find them in all your favourite muffin flavours; blueberry, raspberry and white chocolate, cinnamon and apple, along with many more.


Photo: Instagram- @MillstonePatisserie

The Cronut

What’s a list of food hybrids without the cronut? A list that isn’t very good, that’s what.

The cronut can lay claim to being one of the first and most popular mixes. Invented by Chef Dominique Ansel in his New York bakery there are still queues around the corner each day to get one. What’s more, in 2013 Timemagazine named the cronut one of the 25 best inventions of the year, along side the artificial pancreas and the Oculus Rift!


Photo: @DominiqueAnsel

The Luther Burger

Legend has it that famed soul singer Luther Vandross invented this desert meets dinner heart-attack on a plate.

All you have to do it take two glazed Krispy Kreme donuts and sandwich a burger with your choice of condiments in-between. Then you should probable call to make a booking with a cardiologist.



Waffle Taco

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Get all your favourite breakfast foods, egg, sausage and a waffle, put them together and top with maple syrup and you have yourself a waffle taco.

Perfect for the busy person that is on the go that just doesn’t have time to sit down and enjoy their breakfast at a table.



The Brookie

Don’t you hate it when you’re at your mums house and and you can’t decide between the homemade brownies or cookies (pardon the american vernacular but it seemed appropriate)?

The brookie is for you then. it’s a cookie of your choice, I opt for the never fail chocolate chip, baked inside a brownie. Did someone say diabetes? Because if they didn’t they probable should.



Words by John Cooper

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