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Get Stuffed: UberEATS Just Launched In Melbourne, To Improve Your Takeaway Game

By On April 19, 2016

Today Melbourne becomes the first city in Australia, and only the third in the world, to cop access to Uber’s new UberEATS service. The app will now let users order home delivered takeaway from some… Read More

Krispy Kreme has launched the 3Doughnut Printer
Editors Pick

You Can Now 3D Print Your Own Krispy Kreme Doughnuts From Home

By On April 1, 2016

Science – the wonderful field investing billions of dollars in to revolutionising the world, delivering breakthrough medicines and efficiencies. Today science has delivered its latest big feat – 3D PRINTED DOUGHNUTS!! – Krispy Kreme ‘3Doughnuts‘ that… Read More

McDonalds Maccas Clothing Fashion
Editors Pick

McFarshun: Maccas Launches ‘Brekkiewear’ Clothing Line Today

By On March 4, 2016

Australia fucking loves all day breakfast and now we can wear it! McDonald will sell a line of T-shirt, button-up dress and pyjama trousers covered in McMuffins and hashbrowns. Because…why not? The… Read More

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 11.37.46 am

CONFIRMED: McDonald’s Will Begin Selling Bottles Of Big Mac Sauce This Weekend

By On January 21, 2016

Great news for all of us and our impending obesity – Maccas have today announced that they will be selling bottles of their magical, mythical Big Mac Sauce. The 500ml bottles can… Read More


Australia’s First Nutella Festival ‘Nutella-Palooza’ Has Been Announced

By On January 6, 2016

It’s happening… it’s actually fucking happening! Australia’s first ever Nutella festival has been announced and as expected, people are just about losing their bloody minds. OH MY GOD! THERE'S A NUTELLA FESTIVAL COMING TO AUSTRALIA… Read More

Fancy trying some wasabi flavoured chocolate?

Cadbury Have Lost The Plot And Announced Three Bizarre Savoury Chocolate Flavours

By On December 22, 2015

We’re well and truly into the Silly Season, but chocolate maker Cadbury are proving that they’ve just about lost the plot. The confectionary company have gone full Willy Wonka with their chocolatier skills… Read More

McDonalds All Day Breakfast
Cheap Eats

McDonalds Just Announced Hangover-Friendly 24/7 Breakfast Menu Australia Wide!

By On December 2, 2015

The people at Macca’s have done their research and concluded what everyone already knew. Aussies bloody love their Hot Cakes, Hash Browns and McMuffin’s all day long. Having gathered their intel with a few… Read More

Hamish and Andy

Watch Hamish And Andy Buy Every Chicken Nugget At Hungry Jacks To Officially ‘DeNug’ The Store

By On November 25, 2015

Hamish and Andy, joined by a busload of 70 ravenous barbarians from across Australia, dropped in on a Parramatta Hungry Jacks to completely ‘DeNug’ the store. The simple aim was to take the store by… Read More

Halloween Pumpkin Bong
Cheap Eats

Here’s that DIY Halloween Pumpkin Bong Tutorial You Were After

By On October 30, 2015

The internet throws up some of the kookiest things… Youtube user Andrew Pyrah, who’s channel is dedicated to “an exploration of coffeeshop and cannabis culture in Amsterdam” is getting all spooky this ‘Halloweed’. In… Read More


PSA: Processed Meats Are ‘Carcinogenic’ And Could Be Worse Than Smoking

By On October 26, 2015

Stop the bacon! Heartbreaking news overnight has confirmed that processed meat could be worse for you than smoking, according to The World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). While The Daily… Read More


Warnie gets priorities straight – starts campaign to save ‘Tasty Toobs’

By On October 13, 2015

Much loved Aussie cricketer, Shane Warne has launched into yet another bizarre chapter in his life and times. This time, he once again relies on the power of a phone to spread… Read More


Peak Innovation Has Been Achieved With The ‘Chambong’

By On October 12, 2015

Ladies and gents, get ready to wet your whistles in the quickest and classiest way possible. The chambong has arrived.  A group of American ‘inventors’ have put their heads together in a… Read More

DIY Oktoberfest cocktail

DIY: The Oktobertwist

By On September 25, 2015

We’ve teamed up with the legends behind Melbourne’s East End Den to collaborate on weekly themed cocktails for you to ‘Drink It Yourself’ or come on down to order TheVine special all this week from the bar on… Read More

The Red Wedding Game Of Thrones Cocktail

DIY: ‘The Red Wedding’ Emmy’s Cocktail

By On September 18, 2015

We’ve teamed up with the legends behind Melbourne’s East End Den to collaborate on weekly themed cocktails for you to ‘Drink It Yourself’ or come on down to order TheVine special all this week from the bar… Read More

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 5.11.24 pm

This Bloke Spent 6 Months Making a $2,000 Chicken Sandwich…and It Wasn’t Worth It.

By On September 17, 2015

We all love a good sanga, but how delicious would it be if you literally prepared everything by yourself? One took it upon himself to get all gourmet and found out, the result, “not… Read More

Prince Harry Cocktail East End Den

DIY: The Prince Harry Cocktail

By On September 11, 2015

We’ve teamed up with the legends behind Melbourne’s East End Den to collaborate on weekly themed cocktails for you to ‘Drink It Yourself’ or come on down to order TheVine special all this week from the… Read More

The Byron Bay pizzeria goes by the mantra of ‘simple, honest food made with love,’ specialising in beautifully authentic Italian artisan pizza, with locally sourced produce from Bangalow Sweet Pork, Salumi, and local farmers Cooper Shoot Tomatoes. A TripAdvisor reviewer commented, “Delicious pizza that is authentically Italian. We had the salami inferno which certainly lived up to its name and the special truffle paste pizza which was amazing. Definitely recommend this place if you're looking for a casual dining experience with great food.”

Trip advisor’s Top 10 Pizza Restaurants in Australia

By On August 31, 2015

Trip advisor counts down the top 10 Pizza spots in the Country. Get a slice of this action!… Read More

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 6.29.23 am

Food perfection has been found: meet the croissant burger

By On August 26, 2015

  Long has man searched for the ultimate in food hybrids, and we may have just discovered it. Let us introduce you to the croissant burger (above), the beautiful Frankenstein creation from… Read More


Hoppy Days: The USA has some of the best microbreweries in the world

By On June 30, 2015

Australians are guilty of many misconceptions when it comes to modern day America. No, the entire population of Texas are not gun-slinging cowboys; getting married by Elvis at a drive-thru chapel in… Read More


Would you go to an all-nude juice bar?

By On June 26, 2015

Having fun alcohol and drug-free is a real struggle for adults, most of whom are incredibly boring, but one porn baron is looking to solve that with an all-nude juice bar. Sit… Read More


Study: Why Indian food tastes so damn good

By On June 26, 2015

After 5,000 years of learning how to cook, it’s probably inevitable you’ll come up with some pretty decent tasting food, and now science has proven why Indian food, with its complex array… Read More


Maccas is introducing kale to their menu

By On June 26, 2015

Are 3am Maccas runs to get your deep-fried, MSG fix to become a thing of the past? Will our history books tell the tales of a generation that didn’t know which boutique farmer… Read More


Krispy Kreme has decided they want to kill you

By On June 26, 2015

Fast food can push the boundaries of reality to a point where satire becomes irrelevant. How we laughed in the 90’s when pizza crusts were first filled with cheese. “Whatever will those… Read More


Now you can 3D print pancakes

By On June 26, 2015

Are you tired of having to create artistically inspired breakfasts using your own two hands? Worry no more, because PancakeBot™ can 3D print pancakes based on your own designs. Have you ever… Read More


Maggots, starfish legs, and fingernails found in ALDI products

By On June 26, 2015

It had to be too good to be true – rip off brands, a clutter of useless homeware and a booze offering that lets us discard the lukewarm goon and drink like… Read More