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Here's what happened in fashion this week:

Rihanna’s musical Masterchef

Styled To Rock premieres on the Style network on Thursday night. It’s basically Project Runway with British accents but instead of making it work for Tim Gunn, 12 designers have to impress the pants off Rihanna, some ‘singer’ from Girls Aloud and designer Henry Holland. “I’m looking for the next big trend setting designer,” Ri says in the trailer. The “unknown designers” will create outfits for singers like Katy Perry and other celebs (Cheryl Cole is a celebrity right?) After 10-weeks the winner won’t get a cash prize but they will get the “chance to create a dope” stage outfit for Ri-Ri.  

Beyonce waged war against the entire animal kingdom

Thankfully Sasha Fierce didn’t unleash her hounds at this year’s Super Bowl half time concert like Janet Jackson, however her unitard was more offensive than M.I.A’s middle finger and Madonna’s whole 2012 situation. Rubin Singer, who has been designing Beyonce’s gymnastic uniforms costumes for five years, was entrusted with the task to produce fresh threads for Bey, 120 back up dancers and Destiny’s other two children. While the fashion crew frothed over Beyonce’s bodysuit made out of pythons, cows, iguanas and the entire cast of DreamWork’s Madagascar, PETA were on patrol with the fashion police and issued Mrs Carter with the following infringement.  

“Today’s fashions are trending toward humane vegan options, and Beyonce’s Super Bowl outfit missed the mark on that score,” a spokesperson wrote while wearing hemp.

Transgender lingerie

A US lingerie company have created undergarments for transgender women. Chrysalis Lingerie decided to tap into the market of ‘shmen’ who cannot find practical yet pretty intimates. The creators claimed all the other garb out there is for cross dressers and drag queens and is “sexually exploitative” so have basically reinvented and repackaged Spanx for a new market. The range is designed to “lift, tuck and smooth while the bras are designed with full-cup padding,” co-founder Cy Lauz told an industry publication. No word yet if Dame Edna will front the first campaign.

Two WAGs in white became one

It is official. Kyly Clarke and Rebecca Judd are the same person. It didn’t matter that the Allan Boarder Medal was as sartorially exciting as a trip to Spotlight or Pup won something like his 518th medal because his Mrs and Mrs Judd are the same person. Kyly’s perfectly made up duck face and Princess Leia meets Tutankarman white J’Aton frock looked like the other side of Rebecca’s Rorschach taken from the 2012 Brownlow where she too wore a white dress. Except hers was from Maticevski’s diffusion line for Judy Jetson.

Miranda Kerr winked at a camera, said beautiful a lot

Miranda jetted into town to gush about sunshine, doing yoga with her kid strapped to her back, organic things and fashion this week. She was home to strut on the lacquered catwalk on the 7th floor of David Jones for their autumn/winter launch. Peek-a-boo and soft slashed leather, lace, body con and bold prints will be on sale soon. While the trends were a little stale at least the frow contained some fresh and friendly faces like Ita Buttrose and KAK.

Kym Ellery would rather face a lawsuit than dress lawyers

Suggesting someone like Kym Ellery should start designing work wear is a bit like asking Kate Middleton if she’d mind giving birth in a barn. Seriously is Noni B doing the buying at Myer? Although it would please me greatly to see her forest green peplum bloomers popping up in the tearooms of Australia, Ellery does not do Cue. Considering she was one of the only designers to excite Australia’s fashion matrons at MBFWA she should avoid 9-to-5 wear like Lindsay Lohan should avoid red carpets.


Move over Tyra, Talley’s coming to a network near you

Apparently US television executives think a great idea for a new late night talk show concept is one fronted by the biggest man in fashion Andre Leon Talley. This is the man who, in his web series Mondays with Andre, refers to himself in the third-person and wears capes and pyjamas to fashion shows. He’s basically Tyra and Oprah just with a penis and panache thanks to his sass and connections with celebrities and politicians.

Carine’s less pornographic spread

Ms Roitfeld’s first shoot in her new position as global fashion director for Harper’s Bazaar is not ground breaking (it’s basically a look-book) but features every luxury label ever made and features the curves of Lara Stone and Stephanie Seymour. She told New York Magazine she’s keen to move away from her “porno chic” vibe she created when she was a helm of Vogue Paris as she’s a Nanna now. However shit will be getting crazy for her second shoot, “For me, fashion is not about reality. I’m not the girl next door. I’m always dreaming, always thinking about something more crazy," she said.

Lizzy Caplan stars in "Fashion Film"

It's not the greatest Fashion Film of all time (that would be this, not even remotely coincidentally by the same guy, Matthew Frost) but it comes a close second.


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