Models wear nothing but sandwich wrappers at Project Subway

You probably won't find these on the $5 menu. Last Wednesday, designers were challenged to make the best dress they could - entirely out of items found at Subway.

The branded Project Subway challenge pitted designers against each other at Pier 59 in New York this week to have dresses made of sandwich wrappers, plastic bags, napkins, straws and salad boxes judged by an expert panel. Said experts include Spice Girl Mel B, Mrs Connecticut 2013 Lori Ann Marchese, and Jared, The Subway Guy.

Designers were allowed to create two dresses each. It eventually came down to the creations of Danilo Gabrielli versus those of Jennifer Henry, with Jared casting the deciding vote in Gabrielli's favour (or is that flavour?). As for Subway, they earned a platform to say stuff like "These chic yet eco-friendly creations highlight the chain's goal of reducing its overall environmental footprint." No word yet on whether these designs will replace the standard Sandwich Artist uniforms, but Gabrielli will have his dresses displayed in a midtown Subway, as well as winning a year of free Subway. Feel free to make your own jokes about the fashion industry's tenuous relationship with food here.

According to Subway, the dresses used a total of 2,509 sandwich wrappers, 1,926 grocery bags, 1,321 plastic sandwich bags, 873 napkins, 633 cookie bags, 593 straws, 504 gift cards, 107 salad bowls, and 79 pizza boxes. 

Gothamist has a gallery of all of the dresses here.

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