Meet Akin, Ginger & Smart's Little Sister

Meet Akin, Ginger & Smart's Little Sister

Ginger & Smart's calling cards are billowing silk trousers, luxurious fabrics and elaborate prints. Their woman is slick and sophisticated.

Now there's a new girl on the G&S scene, a diffusion brand. Her name is Akin and her mojo is "Playful with a touch of polish", "youthful and cool", say Alexandra and Genevieve Smart. Akin's name plays on a sisterly motif  and the line is the fun younger sibling of the established Australian brand.

As in the main line, the splashes of intense colour and mesmerising prints  are still present - from electrifying cobalt blue to rosy red and lemon yellow; graphic floral hybrids to geometric patterns. 

Butter-soft leather, relaxed silk and super fine knit fabrics are the main ingredients forming structured dresses, tailored shorts, bold blazers and flirty, strappy mini dresses.

Aimed at girls aged 18 to 30, Akin is fun and a little more affordable - and we cannot wait to get into it and go dancing.

The Smart sisters explained a little more about the new project. 


Akin by Ginger & Smart is aimed at a younger woman – so if there was an ‘ultimate’ wearer for whom this line has been created, who is she? What are her personality and sense of style like?

Our Akin by Ginger & Smart girl is playful with her own touch of polish.  She’s youthful and cool. We think of her as the sister of Ginger & Smart.  

How is this reflected in the collection?

Our Ginger & Smart signature is original print and luminous colour.  These elements were the beginning of the new Akin by Ginger & Smart collection, but we designed with a younger girl in mind.

We imagined dresses she could dance and have fun in – like the graphic Cuts Both Ways dress with a cut out back and flippy skirt, or the Fancy Pansy graphic floral print in intense colour that pops. We wanted her to feel joyful in this collection.

What inspired you to step out and create a more youthful line in addition to the main collection?

We have lots of customers who aspire to Ginger & Smart mainline, but who were looking for a more playful version at a lower price point. This collection is for her.

What has the creative process been like designing Akin?

We loved creating Akin. We designed with this interesting spirited young girl in mind who does lots of cool things so it was fun being in her headspace.


At the shoot

“I love the label, it's such an iconic Aussie brand,” hair stylist Richard Kavanagh says. On the shoot for Akin he worked to create “a much more youthful look”.

This was in contrast to the main line's "much tougher, more grown-up" style, as modelled by Julia Nobis. Hair on the Akin campaign shoot was slick, heavily textured, trucker-style hair pushed up high, “it's very carefree, very effortless, very fresh…we're making the hair look clean and playful."

Make-up artist Tannia Tiropanis, from Napoleon, takes an almost identical approach.

To ensure the skin is “super fresh, we used a tinted moisturiser to make Teresa’s skin more youthful and more gorgeous than it already is. And there’s also a slight flushing to the cheek. 

"It's very tonal, very natural, very effortless - let the clothes do the talking."

She says G&S have "got this really cool aesthetic about them...everything's streamlined. Plus, I just love that they're free-spirited; they've got this nature about them that lets you put freedom into your creativity as well."

Model Teresa is excited to be wearing a label that she has always loved. "The range has some very unusual prints, and I like that; it’s definitely a standout from other designers. 

"It’s one of those lines where as soon as you put it on, you feel like you’re having fun.”

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