Gwyneth and Stella share collab, irritating garden party

Anglophile Gwyneth Paltrow has announced her latest farshun collab in her Goop newsletter, and it’s with her sister-in-arms Stella McCartney (honestly, those two are like Oprah and Gayle). 

They’ve released a ‘capsule collection’ including jeans, blazers, jumpsuits and some pretty great bags. But who cares about that, we want to see more of the English Garden Party Gwyn threw to celebrate. 

From all the behind-the-scenes polaroids she’s posted, I can safely say that it was definitely as irritatingly affected as you might have imagined, but probably even moreso.

There was croquet, some Englishy things to eat like fish ‘n’ chips and mini pot pies (Gwyn even deigned to share some of the recipes), English roses, Guiness (that’s Irish you nonce), and a metric ton of famous people. The snaps have captions that are all ‘badminton champ!’ when what she really means is ‘HANGING WITH PAUL MCCARTNEY NBD.’

Other guests included Cameron Diaz, Naomi Watts, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Zoe, and presumably a whole lot of other gorgeous mums who inexplicably didn’t give G a good hard shove into the hedge and then hurl a jug of ‘Chilled Garden Tea’ right into her face.

To see the bullshittery for yourself, watch the video below or head to Goop

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