When Dita met DITA

When Dita met DITA

DITA Eyewear is of no relation to the burlesque babe of the same name, but the LA sunglasses brand have enlisted her to star in their Fall Winter 2013/14 ‘Legends’ campaign.

Designed in California and made in Japan, DITA is one of only a handful of totally independent luxury optical labels.

It is this spirit of West Coast individualism that they have highlighted in ‘Legends’. Dita Von Teese has been cast alongside tattooist and Shamrock Social Club owner Mark Mahoney. Von Teese admitted she has a personal connection to her campaign co-star, stating "I enjoyed meeting Mark Mahoney very much, he's legendary... I feel like every beau I had in my 20's was tattooed by him! We have so many mutual friends, but we'd never met til that day. He's got to be one of the smoothest, coolest and most fascinating men I've ever met. So between meeting Mark, and posing for both John and for Lionel Deluy, who has been one of my favorite photographers to work with over the years, the afternoon was a pleasure for me." You can shop DITA's eyewear range here.

(Images courtesy of EVH PR)

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