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Dion Lee Resort 14: 'Oil + Water'

Dion Lee Resort 14: 'Oil + Water'

27-year-old fashion wunderkind Dion Lee has unveiled the look book for his Resort ’14 collection, an offering entitled ‘Oil + Water’.  

Using incompatible liquids as a starting point, Lee continues his seasonal exploration of nature with glossy, mottled prints, rippled textiles and watery hues, occasionally dotted with lustrous neon pops.  

An update on Lee’s signature structuring comes in the form of “interlocking pattern cutting” – the collection’s central pieces carry “floating internal cleavage [and] underwire abstractions” that complement high-necks and bust details.

Contorting textiles and shapes are married with contrasting materials. Cotton and satin feature alongside Lee’s recurrent “thermal welded scuba lace”, leather and neoprene in this impressive story that boasts wraps, crops, and drapes.  

Knee-length dresses, day-to-night jerseys, curvy statement skirts and twisty blazer folds together result in a covetable range ideal for day, night, work or glossy editorial wear. It’s little wonder Cue has invested an unconfirmed amount in the home grown designer.  

Without wanting to use fashion’s favourite cliché, ‘Oil + Water’ is incredibly directional. Dion Lee’s ability to create clothing that’s both striking and soft, over and understated, slashed while impeccably finished and true to the brand’s origin, while still moving forward, is yet another testimony to his ability. Truly, he can do no wrong.  

(Images courtesy of Golightly PR)

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