Cheap Monday AW13 Runway Report

Cheap Monday AW13 Runway Report

"It's always fashion week somewhere," a blogger once told me, before immediately retracting his statement because it's objectively The Worst. In addition to being The Worst, it's also true, and last week that 'somewhere' was Stockholm. 

While many of Sweden's sweetest exports like Acne and Ann-Sofie Back have fled their minute home market (seven is not a lot of millions of people to sell to) to show in London and Paris, Cheap Monday are still flying the home flag, which means Back is back, because she's their creative director. 

For Autumn 2013, she projected an intensely nineties vision, the sort of print clashing, dozen layer thrift-store mystique that saw Marc Jacobs' sacked from Perry Ellis in 1993. Twenty years on, grunge is more likely to provoke a spending spree than the ire of the fashion establishment. It takes a lot of garments (t-shirt, over striped shirt, over skirt, over whispy straight leg pajama pants) to fully realise Cheap Monday's vision and a lot of garments practically constitutes a sales strategy. 

Acid tangs punctuated the largely dark collection, but now they're dirty rather than relentlessly, hopefully bright. Think the morning after the night of the rave. There's something nice about the idea that this trend is quite literally being worn in and while last season's fluro sweater with a bit of added grot probably won't quite cut it, the concept is still there. 

Winter in Stockholm might be cold as ice, but the image Cheap Monday projected this season gave the weather a run for its money. 

(Images courtesy of Little Hero PR)

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