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WATCH: The New ‘Australia Day’ Ad For Lamb Is The Most Politically Charged Yet

Lamb Australia Ad First Fleet
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  1. Russell Guy says:


  2. Lambgirl says:

    I liked it. Pretty nice sum up of a harmonious multicultural society which invaded Aboriginal Australia…well, 60,000 years after the first (Aboriginal) people arrived.
    And I thought the float people was fun too.
    Last year was a horror – why not get some simple bonding done over a barbie to get 2017 underway?
    It is just lamb chops people – no need for perfection.

  3. Adam says:

    Taking a freshly born baby animal, that couldn’t be more peaceful, and sacrificing it to celebrate a day. HAHA You fucking cowards. Eating baby animals and proud of it. Aussie douches

  4. Marcus says:

    they should have given a more accurate representation, the 65 IQ malnourished aboriginal would probably start killing people over the chicken.

    blacks are naturally predisposed towards greed and violence, just look at the welfare state and the rate of incarceration.

    The Muslims would probably get angry over people eating pork so they would coordinate an attack.

    The Chinese are decent people. they would probably only be offended by the decadence and amorality,.

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