Talking Trash: “Best Funeral Ever” documentary is imminent

TLC, the US television network behind Cake Boss, Extreme Couponing, Honey Boo Boo and The Half-Tonne Killer, have gotten their best research and educational (they don’t call them The Learning Channel for nothing!) hats on, dropping a preview for their upcoming (rather unambiguous) Best Funerals Ever documentary.

The special, set to hit the small screen overseas on January 6th, goes behind-the-scenes of John Beckwith Jnr.’s Golden Gate Funeral Home in Dallas, where he helms a parlour that offers grieving families “wild parties” to send off their loved ones. Essentially, this is that inevitably twisted re-imagination of Super Sweet 16/ Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? that no one ever asked for.

According to EW and the show’s effective preview, Beckwith’s ceremonies strive to go above and beyond “generic funerals” as he is emphatic that “everybody’s experience has to be different.”

Indeed, the Golden Gate Funeral Home has in the past offered barbecue themed – sauce fountain and all – entombments, smoke-machine and laser-light-doused ceremonies and the promise that, if the deceased wishes, they may “slam dunk” a basketball through the hoop on their auspicious funeral day – no, that’s not a metaphor.

Initially scheduled to drop on Boxing Day, TLC thought it would be tasteless to air a tongue-in-cheek show about death after the Sandy Hook tragedy, which we think adds an iota of taste to the whole ratings-baiting exercise, especially given one of Beckwith’s pivotal quotes guarantees that him and his team are “going to make these families extremely happy, at the worst moments of their lives”.

If the one-off special accrues enough interest, TLC intends to turn Best Funeral Ever into, we assume, Best Funerals Ever. The permanent programming fixture is looming.

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