Michelle Jenneke returns to the internet

Before the Olympics, before grumpy cat, and bang in the middle of the year’s culture wars over women’s bodies bounded Michelle Jenneke, the Australian hurdler whose perky warm up routine at the Barcelona Junior Athletic World Championships captured the internet’s heart. Men loved her for obvious reasons, and women loved her because she didn’t make us feel bad about ourselves.

Here she is, in case you’ve forgotten:

Now, just when we need her most (because the silly news cycle is slow and the gut-wrenching, soul-breaking, heart stomping news cycle is on rapid fire), she has bounced back in a video for American website The Chive, where she exists as the fantasy girlfriend of Mac Faulkner of Forever Alone.

Posted three days ago, the clip already has over 3 million views, which is a minnow compared to the hits clocked by say, Carly Rae Jepsen, but considering the last video TheChive posted on their YouTube account only scored 53,000 views, they’re probably pretty happy with themselves right now.

Jenneke vanished into relative online obscurity post viral-video and animated gif breakout, but in this clip she seems like she’s unafraid of playing around with her major moment of internet fame. Given the video’s simplistic conceit and average sound track, the fact that it is performing so well is a pretty clear indicator that the world still hungers for more Janneke.

Personally, I think Channel Ten should be drafting a contract for the hurdler as quickly as possible. If anyone needs a jump in talent, it’s them.

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