Jessica Mauboy, Ben Lee, Sneaky Sound Sytem and One Republic to join The Voice

The Voice is pulling out all the stops this season, pairing the show’s four coaches – Delta Goodrem, Joel Madden, Seal and Ricky Martin (I repeat, Ricky. Martin.) – with a respective mentor who’ll to help them guide their team’s fourteen contestants and assault the Twittersphere with Voice-hyping barrages.

In the show’s forthcoming season, Australian musicians Jessica Mauboy, Ben Lee, Connie Mitchell (Sneaky Soundsystem) and Ryan Tedder (One Republic’s producer) will collaborate with Martin, Madden, Goodrem and Seal on the show respectively, and help them “develop [their] artists over the vocal competition”. 

Once the teams are established, if you recall, come the Battle Rounds, where “each coach will pit two team members against each other to sing the same song in front of a studio audience. After their performances the coach must choose which one advances to the next stage of the competition.”

From my understanding the mentor is kind of like the Coach’s bitch, even though they’ll “provide individual training to each artist, breaking down their song selection, sharing performance advice and expertise, plus the highs and lows of their own careers.”

Where a programming injection like this gets interesting is the dilemma/ regrets contestants will face/d once choosing a team. Obviously every serious contestant would opt to be part of Team Seal, and everyone fun would go towards Ricky Martin, but what if you want to work with Ben Lee, and are thus forced into joining Team Madden? Conversely, what if you have a strong affinity to One Republic but would rather munch on a bowl of toenails than associate your burgeoning career with Goodrem’s feel-good/ self-believing drivel? (I love her, but if last season is anything to go by, haters are rife). 

Anyway, The Voice comes back to Channel Nine after Easter, and until then, you can find every Keith-lacking update on Facebook or Twitter

Excuse the botch Photoshop job above. That's Ricky Martin's face on Keith Urban's body. 

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