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IT’S OFFISH! Sophie Monk Is The Australian Bachelorette In 2017

Sophie Monk Bachelorette Australia
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  1. Jane Lewis says:

    Tom, what we really need is a hybrid dating show. It will be produced like ‘Ex on the Beach’ (all contestants are stuck on an island), contestants will be made up from a mix of The Bachelor / Bachelorette and MAFS, and h will be Natalie Gruzlewski from Farmer Wants a Wife (seriously where did she go?).

    Please pass this on to your informants at Ch 10.


  2. Anika Werbury says:

    Love Sophie, but i heard the guys has already been chosen before the show even starts… Hmmm..

    On another note, how does it work with the ceremony> Does she give a ring like the Larsen Jewellery one from Matty, or being a girl giving to a guy, does he give it to her? Confusion!

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