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RECAP: Real Housewives Of Melbourne – Season 3, Episode 1

Real Housewives Melbourne
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  1. Greg says:

    Lydia used the word ‘wrongun’. This is actually a cricketing term. More evidence that she has been spending too much time with Warnie.

  2. vegasgal says:

    Im so loving this show, Brucey is my favourite, he is frankly a lot more interesting than oh-so-dull-im-above-this cheeka, he would be a much better housewife and more fem to boot. The new girl suze mclean is great too, follows the criteria perfectly, imaginary lifestyle, my friend in aus tells me she still lives at home with her mommy and daddy yet she forgets to mention this when talking about her toorak lifestyle (that is very recent at best). Suzie, welcome to reality tv, so far so good. pettitfleur and gamble are just terrific-horrific, and they dont even pretend to live in toorak, how dull, and what mouths on them. I always love it when reality tv “stars” tell us how rich and ‘classy’ they are, it really makes it real. Brucey and cheeka have been in europe for 8 weeks, yes eight full weeks, how glamoros they are, not to mention rich and classy. but they dont live in toorak or even close so not quite making the cut. Lydia is still my real housewife favorite, she is smart and sexy. smart. smart smart. and she is classy, look at how she naturally gravitates to the back seat so she can be chauffered to lunch at suzies parents house in her suzuki-towncar. thats classsy. and smart. no-one mentioned their vaginas yet which i found disappointing, altho gamble did scream out for the classy book author one to go and fuck herself, again ensuring we know how classy they all are. cannot wait for ep 2 when they all pretend they are in the english countryside and go horseback riding, thats classy too. I think they could merge RHOA or Potomac with this version, these RHOM are on the too old and sad side to be screaming 4 letter words and being so classy, perhaps lisa vandersump and her virile young hubby could teach them all a thing or 2. Bring on ep02

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