Trailer: Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn Are Google Interns

Google employees: they’re the envy of office workers the world over. They get free food and they get to play games all day and they get their freaking hair cut for free.

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn have captured this quintessentially 21st century fantasy - and that very topical character, the intern - and made it into a comedy of errors (with genius product placement) in a new flick called The Internship.

For Nick (Wilson) and Billy (Vaughn), Google is their last chance. When they lose their crappy sales jobs, they decide their last shot at employment is to become the oldest, dorkiest interns in the tinted-glass office block. They don’t need helicopter hats to show it; they barely know their Sharpies from their whiteboard markers.

It’s like “some sort of mental Hunger Games against a bunch of genius kids, for just like, a handful of jobs,” Nick complains.

We expect good things from this, if the steamroller success of Wedding Crashers, which became the top-grossing R-rated (in America) comedy of all time back in 2005, is anything to go by. Spot Rose Byrne and John Goodman in the trailer – and according to IMDB, Will Ferrell makes an appearance too. It hits US cinemas on June 7.

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