Shocking: Australians love Hugh Jackman, hate Kyle Sandilands

Today at Mumbrella 360, Encore Magazine released the results of a survey they conducted on almost 3000 people, trying to determine Australia’s most beloved and hated celebrities. While some of these results are unsurprising (human ice cream scoop Adam Hills is loved, human excrement scoop Kyle Sandilands is not), one of the most interesting things about the survey is how low-key a lot of the celebs with the best will around them keep it.

As a card carrying member of generation “the internet is my TV”, I had to ask around the office to identify some of the stars on both the loved and hated lists, but a lot more of the names I didn’t recognise appeared on the loved one.

Another common theme is that Australians love their aunty. Half those appearing on the Most Loved list have had dealings with the ABC for at least some stage in their career, while the hated stars are all brazenly commercial.

Finally, it was a relief to see how few females appeared on the most hated list, and how many girl-bashers (verbal and physical) did. When these lists are released in the US, usually women attract most of the spite, while men are widely admired, but it seems in Australia, at least when it comes to celebrity adoration/abhorrence, there’s not as much misogyny in the air. That being said, women are also under represented on the most loved list.

Anyway, here are the results.

Most loved:

- Hugh Jackman
- Rebecca Gibney
- Michael Caton
- Adam Hills
- Eric Bana
- Magda Szubanski
- Olivia Newton-John
- Geoffrey Rush
- Simon Baker 
- John Clarke


Most hated:

- Kyle Sandilands
- Matthew Newton
- Sam Newman
- Ben Cousins
- Brynne Edelsten
- Pauline Hanson
- Brendan Fevola
- Alan Jones
- Deni Hines
- Alex Perry

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    Wednesday 06 Jun 2012 - 1:18 PM
    Where the fuck is Ray Meagher you burrito lovin gypsie fucker? He should really be on top of the most loved list, well at least he should be beating Rebecca fuckin Gibney, who ever that is.
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