Richest Teens in 2012

Richest Teens in 2012

There is perhaps no greater sign that the apocalypse is coming than the fact that this is the second last year that we, the human race, will get to watch Gossip Girl. Or, if the world ends, this really will be the last year. Fortunately rich teenagers aren't just for television any more.

In a case of life imitating art, imitating Macaulay Culkin, simultaneously being and appealing to teens has never been more lucrative. The highest grossing documentary of all time is about a shrimpy then-seventeen year old, and the Fanning sisters have a net-worth the size of the annual budget of a wealthy area. 

And it's not just in the entertainment industry where teens are raking it in (although it mostly is), this year we've had 14 year olds buying houses, inheriting millions and winning the lottery. So tonight, go home to your can of sad beans in your shared bedroom and cry cold in the comfort that Willow Smith is probably having a money bath right now. 

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