‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ will have a sequel

According to Deadline, the Weinstein Company has signed on for production of a sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, with shooting scheduled to begin in May. Fans of the 2000 drama will be disappointed to learn that Ang Lee will not be returning to take the helm, with that role going to Ronny Yu, a veteran Chinese director.

The new film will, however, be based on the same source material as the original, a Chinese fiction series called the Crane-Iron Pentalogy penned by author Wang Du Lu. The author of the screenplay, John Fusco, spoke to Deadline reporter Mark Fleming Jr about the new plot: “This introduces a new generation of star-crossed lovers, and a new series of antagonists in a battle of good and evil. It has a Knights Errant quality. There is an alternate universe in the books, a martial forest that exists alongside the real world, full of wandering sword fighters, medicine men, defrocked priests, poets, sorcerers and Shaolin renegades. It’s so vast and rich, and I found characters from the second and third books in the series to create a most interesting stew while being as true to the source material as I could be.”

Only time will tell whether this sequel can live up to its loftily regarded predecessor: we wait with bated breath. 

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