80 Unsettling Halloween Costumes

80 Unsettling Halloween Costumes

Halloween is less than a month away, and while for most an unintentionally KKK-esque ghost sheet, lazy but current cultural reference or sexy pair of animal ears will suffice, there will always be those that go above and beyond the call of costume duty. 

The thing about a really killer Halloween get-up, as all cosplayers will attest, is that it takes sweat, tears, and calloused hands to really pull it off. If you haven't spent hours sewing on your hands and knees, you really can't expect your execution to be as strong as your concept. That's why you've got to start now.

While the holiday has long since lost its "scary" connotations, what we admire about this selection of costumes is that, while they may not be spooky in the traditional sense, they are often incredibly unsettling, revealing a twisted little something about their wearers.

They're certainly a lot better than throwing on a floral hat, and painting your face like a day of the dead skull, which is what every other hipster at the party was doing last year, and will no doubt recycle in this, our year of the apocalypse. 

Even Hedi Klum can't beat that pervy priest outfit. 

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    Thursday 07 Feb 2013 - 1:30 AM
    Haha creepola ideas people have! Saw someone last Oct wearing this costume ( http://www.smiffys.com.au/halloween/once-upon-a-nightmare/rabid-rabbit-costume__23019L.aspx ) but hole through front with his baby sons head popping through (obviously child was in a sling)!

    Sometimes I think pushing the boundaries of weirdness when it comes to costumes is a good thing, in the name of creativity... perhaps. :P
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