75 Awkwardly Adorable Celebrity Yearbook Pictures

75 Awkwardly Adorable Celebrity Yearbook Pictures

In case you needed more proof that celebrities are also humans, we’ve scoured the darkest recesses of the Internet and uncovered early shots of the impossibly beautiful tabloid-sellers before they had access to a round-the-clock stylist who helps them plan ahead every time they appear before camera (or, at least, a voracious paparazzi).

Spoiler alert: most of them were impossibly beautiful even then (I’m looking at you Beyonce and Amy Poehler!) and many stupidly cute (like the Obamas, before they were POTUS and FLOTUS). But of course, even Cameron Diaz battled crippling acne, and Entourage front man Adrian Grenier, well, probably didn’t have an entourage back then. Meanwhile, Blake Lively looks like she’d beat us up behind demountable classrooms and Gwyneth Paltrow was almost 100 per cent cooler than you. 

Now, if there’s ever a reason to not become famous, it’s the risk that some editor, somewhere, will uncover your high school yearbook picture, just as we've done today. Luckily for many of the pictures are shot in black and white, but even monochrome can't completely hide painful awkwardness. It’s a blessing to know though that our teenage remnants are buried deep in our parents’ attic, and will certainly never see daylight again. 


(Images via Getty, Year book image sources credited in gallery)

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