Top Ten Grown-Up Fairy Tale Movies

Once upon a time, back before movies were invented, if there weren’t any strange shaped vegetables handy people would amuse themselves by telling each other fairy tales. And while movies have largely replaced strange-shaped vegetables when it comes to entertainment, fairy tales are still being told today. Mostly because they’re all public domain now so the movie studios’ don’t have to pay licensing fees when they turn them into sassy romcoms. The upcoming Jack the Giant Slayer shows that fairy tales aren’t just for kids: here’s ten films that got that message out there first.

10: Snow White and the Huntsman / Red Riding Hood. 

Girl power! These aren’t your grandparent’s fairy tales, maaaan – this time sisters are doing it for themselves! And so on and so forth as the success of the Twilight franchise convinced Hollywood that turning fairy tales into teen angst sword-and-sorcery epics might bring in some cash. While these two films are so alike in intent that they only deserve one listing, they can be easily separated if you remember that Huntsman has some nice visuals and decent battle sequences while Red Riding Hood has a giant iron elephant-shaped oven into which Gary Oldman sticks werewolves.

9: Snow White: A Tale of Terror. 

This 1997 telemovie starring Sigourney Weaver and Sam Neill has a lot more wolf attacks and thwarted cannibalism and angry incest miscarriages and rapey dwarves than you might remember from the Disney Snow White, but the original role of fairy tales was to scare the crap out of pretty much everyone so you can’t blame it for trying. In slightly less soul-shattering news, Snow White (here know as Lilli) is played by Monica Keena, AKA Rachel from the Judd Apatow sitcom Undeclared. Everyone, go watch Undeclared RIGHT NOW.

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