Top 10 Rom Coms of all time

The rom com is a storytelling staple in all movie-going societies, particularly western ones. We love the whole neatly-wrapped package (guys included, I don’t care what you say): two people meet; everything goes wrong but it’s funny; crazy sidekick friends give really bad advice; jealous ex-lovers pop by to sabotage the blossoming romance. And the dialogue should crackle and zing like a packet of pop rocks. 

While the standard has fallen in recent times, and everything you need to know about the film’s funny moments are contained in the trailer, we have some brilliant examples of what a good romantic comedy is by digging into the annals of rom com history. Let’s see how it’s done, shall we?

10. The Wedding Singer

Maybe it’s because I’m an 80s tragic, and the hair, outfits and soundtrack made me nostalgic, and Adam Sandler played someone who didn’t need to be made into a functioning human being, but I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that this is a good romantic comedy. 

It offers numerous highly memorable one-liners (“Hey, aunt Linda. You a bitch.”) and the chemistry between Sandler and Barrymore works. Did I mention the soundtrack? And how Billy Idol makes a cameo? 

9. Bridget Jones’ Diary

I think it’s fair to say that Bridget Jones is the best example of a messy heroine. It’s a truthful portrayal of someone who has low self-esteem, seeks validation in the arms of a cad, and channels her frustration through alcohol and cigarettes. OK, the romance parts are pure Hollywood, but not the mechanics of the relationships and Bridget’s thought processes.

That she’s a little overweight was the focus for many, but really, the story just has so many compelling elements. OK, yes, we have Colin Firth being a modern-day Darcy and Hugh Grant plays the aforementioned cad to a tee. But beyond that, the dialogue is wonderful. Bridget – played so well by Renee Zellweger – is likeable, even at her most shattered. Her friendships are believable, as are her stuff-ups. Oh, and it gave us the term ‘smug marrieds’ (first in the book upon which it’s based).

8. Some Like it Hot

If you’re not familiar with old school comedy, you could do worse than to spend a Sunday afternoon watching this Marilyn Monroe classic. Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis are superb as two guys trying to get work by pretending they’re women (they play in a band). 

This one has everything. Men dressed in drag. Hidden identity. And a happy ending (of course).

You also get to see what the fuss is about Monroe. She’s sweet and funny and says lines like:

“I don’t have a drinking problem. I could stop if I wanted to, but I don’t want to”, before proceeding to take another swig.

While it has some of the cringeworthy silliness of old movies (the laughter is so shrill), it’s still a remarkably clever, irreverent take on the romantic comedy genre.

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  • katerpixie's avatar
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    Friday 15 Feb 2013 - 12:32 PM
    Nope, not cheating at all Amal - The Princess Bride DEFINITELY wins best movie & best romantic comedy, easily.
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  • rockyhoudini's avatar
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    Wednesday 27 Feb 2013 - 12:34 PM
    Good list. Glad to see something involving actors who died of old age. Katharine Hepburn barely put a foot wrong in her entire career. So on that count (though I hate to do this to you) The African Queen? Oh, and a dishonorable mention for putting any of these movies ahead of Annie Hall.
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