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Married At First Sight’s Cheryl Has Spilled The Tea On Jonesy’s Disgusting Boys Night Behaviour

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  1. Roberta says:

    What a man Andrew is ,rude arrogant poor excuse .Cheryl hold your head high ,you are beautiful

  2. Simone says:

    What a shame, what first appeared as a gentleman turned out to be a Baby boy who can’t take responsibility for his behaviour. Wasn’t me, I can’t remember! No wonder he is still single. Poor little jonesy. Any attraction a woman may have to this man child in the future will quickly wear off with the appearance of his ugly personality. Good luck out there mate. As for the relationship experts, I think their business is doomed. Surely no one will seek advice from them now, after seeing examples of their work (or lack thereof). Just saying….

  3. Deb says:

    PIG PIG PIG no wonder he is single

  4. Robert says:

    Abhorrent behaviour isn’t it? Further the way that boys night went down, just goes to show that many of us fellas, continue to refuse to treat the girls as equals (and yes! using the differences in our anatomy as the butt of puerile, senseless jokes is harassment boys). Jonesy wasn’t the only culprit that night and that lying snake Anthony should be bought to account also. It would appear that Cheryl, because she is buxom has been under fire from the outset without anyone attempting to become friendly with, or getting to know her (she might only be there to get her face on national TV, but that isn’t proven at this point) and that is a petty reason to put her under scrutiny and pressure and also amounts to harassment. Wouldn’t like to be a bloke going around to meet Cheryl’s dad for the first time, but, that’s another story and the experiment is all about her not her officious father. If I were Andrew, I would follow in the tradition of the old time swagmen, naming their swags Matilda (the only partner they were ever going to have) and get hitched to his firetruck, that’s about as much of a relationship as he is ever going to be able to handle.

  5. Jenna Joannou says:

    I was so disgusted with Andrew It was so disappointing to see him saying all those nasty things about the girl whose only fault was that she didn’t want to kiss him straight away. I’m proud of Cheryl as she hold herself with dignity and she didn’t burst into tears. If I were there being treated like that I doubt I ‘d be able to keep my composure. His excuse ‘boys being boys ‘ was ridiculous as this is the excuse to justify domestic violence. Also it was sad to see other men (apart from Sean) supporting him and saying he was a ‘gentleman ‘ . Cheryl is a beautiful and strong young lady and she will meet a nice man who will love and respect her. Andrew is single for a reason and Lauren just felt something was wrong with him and ran away just in time. Andrew doesn’t deserve a wife unless he changes his behavior towards women.

  6. Frances says:

    Agree with everyone’s comments. The guilty boys especially Andrew should be held accountable for their actions. Am sure if the femaile contestants watched the boy’s night out episode their opinions would change immediately. Andrew is an idiot. Isnt he aware he is being filmed & has no where to hide. Poor excuse for a man. His true colours are shining through to women who wouldn’t go near him. It also appears the assumption is that every time Andrew drinks he cant remember what occurred. What a cop out! Hope the experts reveal the truth at the commitment ceremony!

  7. RedViolin says:

    I’m a clinical Psychologist and appalled at the behaviour displayed by Andrew and the disgraceful lies that followed. No eloquence can either explain nor justify his treatment of Cheryl, all I can say as a woman, a feminist, a psychologist is that Andrew is a PIG.

  8. Jay says:

    Andrew has shown his true colours as have the other men. No woman after witnessing what Andrew has said and how he has behaved would even consider a relationship with him and if they did how could any parent trust or support their daughter with this arrogant, rude and inherently nasty human being. I thought Cheryl’s father was unfair and rude to Andrew however it is now clear that her father’s intuition and disprovel of Andrew from the outset was spot on. Well done dad. As for the other boys in this experiment, with the exception of Sean, how would you feel and behave if your daughter or sister was treated by Andrew and judged by the group as Cheryl has been?
    Andrew you need to man up. Accept responsibility and genuinely apologise to Cheryl and her family. I feel like he owes an apology to every woman who has witnessed his behaviour and cruelty. As for using the ‘drunk’ justification for not remebering what was said, it just makes you look pathetic. Shame on the other men for not choosing to stand by Sean. I hope that after seeing themselves on TV they will start accepting responsibility and realise how disrespectful and inappropriate their own individual behaviour and ‘banter’ actually was. Sean and Sue you are beautiful people and I wish you both all the happiness in the world. I hope you manage to work things out and stay together. Well done for standing up to the bullies.

  9. stace says:

    Thank you Shaun and Simon for speaking the truth and separating the men from the boys. Anthony, Nick and Jesse, you need to stop talking shit and covering up what Andrew said and done. You’re just as bad if you are going to defend what he did. Twins, you need to stop thinking the sun shines out of Jones’s behind and realize you weren’t at the ‘boys night’ so you don’t know what happened. There’s no excuse for the way Andrew behavied and spoke to and about Cheryl. I hope Cheryl can confide in her friends Susan and Nadia

  10. Shelly says:

    That God his no longer teaching. Imagine sending our children to such a poor example of a man. Education dept needs to be sure to screen teachers incase more like him enter into the system.

  11. Jane says:

    I feel for Andrew. He’s clearly stuck with a woman who’s only interested in getting her 5 minutes of fame. She’s not interested in him or anyone else and that is painfully transparent. Andrew wants out and cannot go because she hasn’t gotten as much exposure as she wants. Forced to spend copious amounts of time with someone so shallow pretending to like you….I’d probably be less than complimentary too after a few warming drinks. But then you would have to question anyone that thought finding love on an orchestrated program in an artificial environment broadcast to the world was a good idea. Why would you stay with someone who clearly isn’t interested???

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