Stripped Back: Shh, keep this cinema silent

Stripped Back: Shh, keep this cinema silent

Cinema minus dialogue: basic? Far from it.

While there might have been some hope in certain quarters that the success of 2012’s The Artist would lead to a full-scale resurgence in silent film, it appears that was not to be (though at the rate they keep pumping ear bleeding explosions into action blockbusters, we may all go deaf soon enough, and then every film will be a silent film; huzzah!).

But for a generation not blessed by the TV presence of Bill Collins and John Hinde as guiding lights, who can the aspiring cineaste turn to for a silent film primer?

The answer, of course, is me.

And while silent cinema is often dismissed by modern filmgoers as little more than decades’ worth of shonky acting and terrible camera work (wait lol that’s the 1990s), the silent era offers untold delights - and, in turn, silent cinema inspired more than a handful of notable flicks made long after the talkies drove Norma Desmond out of a job and into a rubbish musical.

So, click skyward for a sampler of silent delights (plus a few sort-of-silent notables).

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