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Filming Begins On Star Wars: Episode VIII AND Episode IX

Star Wars Cast
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  1. Cutthbert says:

    ” after it was delayed last month due to scheduling difficulties in the principal photography department.”

    Umm…… no.

    It was delayed because Disney saw how much money SW7 made being released in December with no competition.

  2. Tori says:

    The only way I can figgur that MM suprtpos Obama is because MM is invested in the idea of a total collapse of WashCorp and think’s “that one” is a lot more able to bring about collapse than “this one.”

  3. Yeh, I know things are bad in MI. I have a niece and nephew there. I have property in Cheshire Township, so that’s where I’ll be. Thanks much for the offer for contacts/directions/buyers clubs! I’m really gonna’ be a fish out of water for awhile. I did check through EatWild and found grass-finished Highland Cows and pastured eggs within about 20 miles, so I found that comforting.

  4. http://www./ says:

    ciao annuccia! questo tuo dessert mi ispira assai… lo sai? si può anche mettere in freezer e poi aspettare qualche minuto prima di mangiare vero? come stai?

  5. I’m shocked that I found this info so easily.

  6. I definitely like the natural light on the second photo more so than the flash. But I also like the second shot because of her pose – her head is slightly turned rather than being a head-on shot and I think it makes it more interesting. Those eyes sure are amazing. Very nice, Melinda!

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