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DRAMAZ: Seven Year Switch’s Stacey Louise Has Labelled Show’s Producers ‘Abusive’

seven year switch
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  1. Therese says:

    Your a way better person Stacey Louise than the power controlled love myself sarge.
    Get on with your life and don’t change, I like who you are, ambitious and gutsy!
    Go Stacey, sink sarge

  2. Anne says:

    Omg, Sarge is a pathetic control freak, looking to constantly find fault. Sharing a bed was agreed between Sarge and Stacey Louise before the switch….if he now finds he didn’t like it, he needs to take responsibility for those feelings and not blame Stacey Louise. His ‘pantomime’ face, to show how unhappy he was after the switch was laughable. Apart from that, anyone who goes around wearing camouflage gear and calling themselves Sarge, after leaving the military, is more than a little odd.

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