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Bride and Prejudice’s Courtney Is Trying To Convince Instagram That Reality TV Isn’t Real And The Response Is Savage

Bride and Prejudice Courtney
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  1. that girl. says:

    Having never been featured on a “reality” TV show I don’t know what it’s like. I’m almost certain that producers will continue to prompt and poke you to get certain reactions but I feel like with Courtney it was all too easy to push her buttons and reveal her true colours. You can’t deny there is truth in her behaviour that the viewers saw. Whether that’s 90% of her or 5% of her, it was enough for Brad to come to the realisation that he didn’t want to tolerate that side of her for the rest of his life.
    They are both young. I’m sure they’ll learn and hopefully they can both look back and laugh at this one day. I don’t really like her behaviour at all, but I still have respect for her. Whether you think it’s for “attention” it’s still a brave thing to do, to publicly have the most important part of your life shown on TV, to publicly speak about your feelings etc.

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